Record Of Agarest War Mariage, JRPG Dating War-Sim Heads To Steam In 2019
Record of Agarest War Mariage

Idea Factory International announced that they will re-release the JRPG, Record of Agarest War Mariage on PC starting in 2019. The game originally came out back in 2012 for the PSP, but now it’s being prepped for launch on Steam for PC.

Noisy Pixel picked up the news from the company, who announced that the story will center around a multigenerational war with a heavy theme of players having to make use of both a fully realized battle system where you duke it out against opponents on the battlefield, and a full fledged dating simulator in order to get your groove on.

According to the article, the first generation of the story will be a male, while the second generation of the story will switch the protagonist to a female. You’ll need to journey through the land, racking up points, getting strong, and traveling around until you’re strong enough to face off against the evil Archdemon at the end of the game.

So the hook for the game is that during the first generation you’ll take on the role of Rain who will have to get strong and then find himself a bride. He’ll have a choice of multiple bachelorettes to date (better known as waifus), and depending on the girl you end up with depends on what your child will inherit for the second generation. Now what’s interesting here is that your character has to be heterosexual in order to progress story, otherwise if they weren’t hetero then the “multi” part of the “generation” could never come to fruition.

In some ways, for people asking why a character has to be hetero, tell them that without it you wouldn’t be able to tell stories properly in multi-generational games where traits are passed on to the offspring.

Additionally, as you get close with your waifu you’ll need to increase your bond through the Unification System, which will allow you to unlock new CG images as your bond grows. This sounds like some high-class visual novel-style intimacy, if you know what I mean.


Throughout the game you’ll also be able to acquire additional outfits for the waifus through loot or through crafting, and you’ll be able to check the girls out in their outfits using the 360-degree model viewer gallery.

Idea Factory International recently announced their commitment to their fanbase, even in the face of Sony’s new censorship policies. The company will apparently be moving its less tame content over to PC while Sony burns bridges and ruins the very platform that they made popular.

You can look for Record of Agarest War Mariage to launch on Steam for PC at some point in 2019.

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