Reddit Bans Lolicons Unite Sub-Reddit For Containing Sexually Suggestive Content Of Minors

Lolicons Unite

The war on anime lolicons continues. This time the lolicon sub-reddit, named Lolicons Unite, has been permanently banned by the Reddit administration team because they claimed that it contains sexually suggestive content of minors.

The ban dropped on December 14th, 2018. Attempting to access the sub pulls up a screen saying that it’s been banned for violating the content policy of Reddit, specifically the policy against sexual or suggestive content involving minors.

While the administrators claim that the sub-reddit contained sexual content involving minors, the actual sub-reddit was actually safe for work. In fact, that was one of the rules of the sub.

In an web cache of the sub before it was nuked, the number one rule is “No NSFW content”. The section also prohibited the discussion or spread of information regarding actual underage kids, as well as banned discussion of lowering the age of consent, or engaging, discussing, or promoting sexual conduct towards children. You can check the rules from the sidebar through the archive.

The sub-reddit was basically a stash for people who enjoy loli content, including discussing and sharing images and videos from anime, visual novels, and video games containing lolis. Now an argument can definitely be made that while Lolicons Unite didn’t contain any sexual content, some of the images were definitely suggestive. However, the qualifier for violating Reddit’s terms was that the content depicted minors in sexually suggestive situations. The question becomes: are drawn pictures minors?

Some people will readily answer yes, but then we step into the philosophical trap of what qualifies a drawn picture as being a minor? Technically, if you draw a loli when you’re 10 and then release the picture into the public when you’re 30, the drawing would be 20 years old. Would it still then be considered a minor? Or is the way the character is depicted? If the character is drawn to look young with a flat chest and big anime eyes, does that mean it’s a minor? What if the character is an ancient vampire who has been around for a millennium? Does the lore affect whether we consider the character a minor?

And if drawings of minors constitute rules to be applied as if they were real minors, does laws about murder and assault also apply to fictional characters?

Basically, what are the rules for drawn art to be labeled or measured against laws designed to protect real humans?

This kind of topical fascination has become verboten in recent times. People aren’t allowed to discuss it because censorship reigns supreme; the war on lolis is real.

Social media networks like Gab banned lewd loli content. Valve has recently been inconsistently banning some loli content. And now Reddit is cracking down on the lolicons.

Some people have argued that this is in light of the FOSTA legislation coming into effect, and now sites like Reddit are cleaning house, but Reddit already did that back in March of 2018. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that they would start cracking down on lolicon months after the bill surfaced. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense because companies like Nintendo haven’t been censoring or removing content featuring sexually suggestive anime girls or lolis, and they’re known as the family entertainment company. Nevertheless, there’s now one less hangout for the lolicons to congregate.

(Thanks for the news tip Neko Mizu)

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