Report Claims Artifact Has Lost More Than Half Its Active Players In A Week

A new report pertaining to Valve’s card game, Artifact, went up and looks as grim as the teaser trailer like/dislike ratio. According to this report, it is said that the game isn’t retaining its player-base so well and could be a long road to ruins from here on out.

It’s worth noting that Artifact is the game that was teased on August 8th, 2017, and accrued a lot of negative feedback mixed with disappointment as seen below.

The focus on the game’s controversy that it stirred up last year eventually mellowed out… until now. The PC and mobile game that is Artifact seems to have piqued the interest of players at launch, but it looks like the game has a hard time trying to retain players. The following information that coincides with the above comes from website

Although the publication site cites its sources from Steam Charts and SteamDB they — which are sites that don’t depict the exact numbers but are nice estimates to tell folks what’s likely going on — share a common thing: Decline. The site notes:

“The stats come from a number of Steam data tracking sites, including Steam Charts and SteamDB. According to both, Artifact peaked at just over 60,000 on launch day but has been oozing players since. Every day, the game experience a new, lower peak, the one from Dec. 6 being at the humble 25,000.”

You can see the reported decline below.

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On December 7th, 2018, Steam Charts sees the game with a low of 9,528 players.

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But that’s not all, the website also found low engagement in streams and Artifact tournament viewership, stating:

“The decline in numbers matches the worrying trends of Artifact tournament viewership too. So far, the game had two televised tournaments: The Artifact Preview Tournament by Beyond the Summit; and the Mighty Triad: Strength by WePlay. Both events had high peaks early in their broadcast, but quickly lost viewership as they progressed. Combined, the interested in these tournaments hovered somewhere between 15,000 and 25,000 viewers on average.”

And lastly, folks around subreddit /r/Games picked up the report that has 1.9K likes to confess their disinterest with the game or how they aren’t enticed by the game’s setup.

Time will tell if MTX will save this game as Valve planned or if more reports will come out detailing Artifact is a sinking ship. If the above report and talk from folks around the net is any indication of Artifact’s future, then the game is in big trouble.


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