ResetEra Tries To Get Nintendo To Censor Spirits In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate For Being Racist

ResetEra Censor

ResetEra is built around a culture of outrage. They find innocuous subject matter and strip apart every single layer until they can find something they can label as “racist”, “sexist”, “transphobic”, or “gross”, and then they manufacture outrage through social media with the help of Social Justice Warriors that have plenty of bots at their disposal, in order to echo the sentiment right into the digital ear of the company. It’s a tactic that works each and every time, and nearly 100% of the time the company folds.

So with the latest controversy, don’t be surprised if Nintendo issues an apology and grovels at the feet of the mentally disturbed sociopaths once they catch wind of the latest brouhaha.

It all started with some tweets that ResetEra caught wind of featuring various spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being teamed up with other characters. These pairings allow players to buff their up their characters during the World of Light mode, where they work like relics or item buffs for your fighter. The pairings that ResetEra took offense to included Diddy Kong and Dee Jay from Street Fighter. Mr. Sandman and Donkey Kong from the Punch-Out!! series, and Tac from Kirby being paired with a brown-skinned Villager from Animal Crossing.

Go Nintendo tried to rationalize the pairings, noting that Mr. Sandman and Donkey Kong were both from Punch-Out!!, which is why they’re paired together, while Diddy Kong and Dee Jay share similar moves. They also noted that Tac and the Villager both capture things, with Tac capturing moves and the Villager using the net to capture items.

While some of ResetEra’s members were able to see the connections, others jumped to the ban-wagon, revving up the censorship speech to have the spirit pairings removed from the game.

There were a few people that did have common sense and tried to encourage the community away from organizing a censorship brigade, but their pleas for sensibility and nuance fell on blind eyes, as the community of ResetEra were already furiously typing away about how to get Nintendo to change the feature.

One of the members even tried conflating the issue with Nintendo allowing third-party developers to release ‘M’ rated games on the Switch without forcing them to censor their content the way Sony is forcing third-party developers to censor their content.

They managed to successfully bombard and pester Nintendo into removing a Native American reference from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate since apparently ResetEra aren’t keen on seeing Native Americans in video games. And now they’re trying to get the spirit pairings removed because apparently they don’t like seeing black people in video games either.

Either way, ResetEra is intent on bullying Nintendo with their Social Justice Warrior antics. Nintendo caved the first time around with the Mr. Game and Watch Native American reference, so don’t be surprised if they cave again.

(Thanks for the news tip CZ)