Resident Evil 2 Remake Screenshots Reveal Ada Keeps Her Sexy Red Dress
Resident Evil 2 Remake - Ada

Gamers have been worried about how certain censorship policies and the West’s obsession with censorship would affect the remake of Resident Evil 2. Well, after lots of hints, gestures, and teases, new images of Ada Wong have finally emerged that revealed that she will be featured in Resident Evil 2 remake featuring her iconic, sexy red dress.

The new screenshots for the game showcase Mr. X chasing Claire around, along with featuring a full view of Ada’s face and a decent enough view of her figure while wearing the dress.

Resident Evil 2 - Ada Back Dress

In the first image we get a good rear profile image of Ada’s figure in the dress, cut slim and slender just the way most gamers like their women.

The dress isn’t too tight, but it’s tight enough that you get a good idea of how it hugs the curves around her scrumptious rump.

A second image gives you another look at her, still from the rear, this time slightly to the side so you can see how protuberant her butt is in the dress. You also get a good look at her jet black tights. Sadly, no shot of her heels.

Resident Evil 2 - Ada Sexy Dress

If you’re curious what her skin complexion and proportional details are like from the front, there’s a screenshot that focuses on her front profile, including a very explicit look at the photogrammetry detail captured for her hands, right down to the wrinkles in her fingers. But it’s not without fault.

The third shot gives you an uncanny look at her fish-eyes and the blank, Hollywood-approved botox face. It’s that eerie doll-like expression of an unreal human that carries you across the uncanny valley like a queff echoing across the room from the dilation station at a GaymerX convention.

Resident Evil 2 - Ada Front Dress

Thankfully, Capcom managed to rebound with another close-up screenshot of Ada where you can make out her features very clearly. The close-up shot is very different from the other previous leaks where her face was mostly obscured by sunglasses and cinematic lighting.

The final shot of the femme fatale makes Ada look less like a cheap silicon doll from the poor-man’s porn section on Amazon, and more like a the thermoplastic elastomer dolls you can nab from Fine Love Dolls.

Resident Evil 2 - Ada Face Closeup

There are also two screenshots of Mr. X chasing down Claire and Sherry that you can check out as well, but no one cares about Mr. X.

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is due out on January 25th, 2019 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Resident Evil 2 - Mr X

Resident Evil 2 - Mr X Chasing Claire

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