Seed Of The Dead, Erotic First-Person Shooter Brings Anime Girls And Zombies To Steam
Seed of the Dead

It’s not often we get the combination of super hot anime chicks with big boobs and ghastly undead creatures of the night fused together in a sexually-charged mix of first-person zombie shooting action and hot waifu sexcapades. However, TeamKRAMA and Eroge Japan are going all in on the sexy FPS sub-genre.

The game is set to go live on December 14th, barring any unforeseen bans handed down from Valve. The game is designed around adult-themed content even though it is a single-player, controller-enabled first-person shooter. Seed of the Dead sports the typical trappings of an FPS, including blood, gore, and foul language. But where the game really separates itself from the rest of the competition is that it sports a smorgasbord of degeneracy as well, including momentary pregnancy, bukkake, sexual activities to recover your HP, and plenty of monsters having their way with the three heroines.

You can check out the trailer for Seed of the Dead below to get an idea of how the sexy-time compliments the first-person shooting combat.

As you can see, the game isn’t just a litany of lewd content, there’s an actual first-person shooter contained within.

As you play through the eight different stages, acquiring a variety of guns, lightsabers, and other projectiles, you’ll also have the ability to romance the three heroines using dating sim mechanics.

It’s like the ultimate combination between FPS skill and faptism.

Now, if we’re actually being critical of the game, the hand-model from the first-person view doesn’t look all that great, and the weapons behave kind of stiff due to the limited animations.

The game is due for release on December 14th. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page. Let’s hope the page is still there when it’s time for the game to release and Valve doesn’t pull a stealth-ban out of nowhere.


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