Silverio Trinity March 28 2019 Release Secured After Completing Sony’s Censorship Certification

Silverio Trinity

Japanese developer Light announced that the visual novel Silverio Trinity: Beyond The Horizon will be making its way to the PlayStation Vita starting March 28th, 2019 in Japan, as reported by Gematsu.

The visual novel centers around a politically tense standoff between three nations over the land of Adler. The leaders of Adler want to protect a key city named Praga by putting together an experimental platoon, which includes the heroine Ashley Horizon, who was once saved by a legendary hero. Ashley will now have to return the favor and protect those who can’t protect themselves. Gematsu also notes that Silverio Trinity: Beyond The Horizon will include two additional scenarios that weren’t present in the PC release titled “For Someone / Hero’s” and “Sacrifice to the Light / Icarus.”

The visual novel originally came out back in January of 2017 for PC, but it will make its’ full-color debut on on Sony’s gaming device for Japanese gamers in 2019. The recent delay for the book came in lieu of the developer, Light, having to succumb to Sony’s censorship policy.

Light was one of the first developers to speak openly about the policy, revealing that all of the forms for the censorship regulation must be completed in English, which is something he struggled with but managed to get through it.

He was dealing with the censorship regulations since October, but it appears as if two months later he managed to get through the forms and has now secured a release date for the visual novel on Sony’s handheld device.

Due to the contract he already signed he’s unable to port the game to Steam at the moment, but he noted that had he not been tied to Sony he could have released Silverio Trinity on Steam within a week. In the original quote it was stated…

“At last week’s event we discussed applying for an application request at Sony [to release the game on PS4], since we’re close to finishing up the master version of the game. However, we have not yet passed through the application process.


“Now, Sony seems to have a policy prohibiting porting 18+ games worldwide at this time. And this game more or less has 18+ content so it’s going through a very serious and strict content review investigation. There are difficult questions you have to answer to confirm [what sort of content is in the game]. [The form] also requires being written out in English.”

There are a couple of things to take note of. First of all, Light applied for certification on the PS4, but the game is instead being released on PS Vita. So it’s unclear if they were denied a PS4 release or if the rules for releasing games on PS Vita are more lax than PS4.

Also, we don’t know what the damage is for Silverio Trinity in terms of the censorship. They were completing the forms back in October and Light obviously received the green light to release the game on PS Vita, but we don’t know how the game has been affected or what will be changed to suit Sony’s new standard.

The screenshots that were released over on the official website are all fairly benign so it’s difficult to tell what may have been changed, and there’s nothing noteworthy to compare them to… yet. The only thing we know right now is that the release date has been secured, the certification process has been completed, and the game will release on PS Vita next year in March.

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