SinVR Takes Free Uncensored VR Sex Sims To The Next Level

Valve may be discriminating against Japanese developers, anime games, and visual novels by banning certain games off of Steam, or forcing developers to remove certain characters, but the VR sector is so bereft of content the only thing noteworthy happening in the sector is the evolution of sex sims.

Developer SinVR recently released SinVR on Steam as a free-to-play game for the Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets, the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive. The game is a full-on, uncensored sex simulator.

Unlike a lot of the other previous games released in the genre, the motions, animations, and interactivity is all top notch in SinVR. Gone are the stiff movements and stilted gyrations. Instead the developers tried to capture more realistic motions for the pornographic thespians.

The game allows you to either participate in the sexual acts from first person or you can take on the role of a voyeur and watch as multiple 3D avatars engage in consensual copulation.

While the base game is free, there are a number of additional scenarios, characters, and kinks that you can purchase separately for the game, including a futanari scenario involving a futa and a hot chick, a kinky text chamber that delves into bondage. A domination/submission DLC is also available called “Spank Me Harder”, which is in the trailer above.

There are also fantasy add-ons, with certain scenarios obviously riffing on Game of Thrones called “The Dragon Milf”, featuring a hot white haired chick and her pet dragon in a throne room.

For those of you who prefer the sexy teacher angle, there’s actually a DLC for that as well called “Mrs Wilson’s Classroom”.

For those of you who like to indulge in your anthropomorphic sins, there’s a DLC called “Gili Fox in Crystal Cave”, which features a fox girl willing to give up her fox hole for willing intruders.

SinVR - Luxury Pad

The game features easy-to-use tools to get the girls in the right position. This includes missionary, doggystyle, the sixty-nine position, and the cowgirl.

You can also choose which entry point best suits your desires. There are over 200 different girl and scene combinations that you can mix and match with all of the DLC.

Additionally, you can actually play the game without a VR headset. So if you just wanted to indulge in some fantasy acts without a headset there is an option to play the game in the no-VR mode.

You can grab a free copy of SinVR right now for free from over on the Steam store page.


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