SonicFox Takes Shot At Republicans For Not Liking Gay, Black, Furries During Game Awards Speech
SonicFox Republicans

During his acceptance speech at this year’s Game Awards hosted by Geoff Keighley, e-sports player and champion, SonicFox, made headlines for taking shots at Republicans for not liking gay, black, furries.

SonicFox’s real name is Dominique McLean, but he showed up at the awards ceremony decked out in his blue furry fox outfit. It seemed unexpected that he would pick up the win, but after a groundbreaking performance at this year’s EVO in Las Vegas, Nevada, SonicFox managed to take home the award at the show, and it was accompanied by a five minute speech that left some people fuming.

You can check out the segment below.

In case you’re unable to view the video, the important part comes at the end of SonicFox’s sometimes incoherent rambling that was intermittently interrupted with nervous laughter, where he says…

“All I really gotta say is that I’m gay, black, a furry – pretty much everything a Republican hates – and the best e-sports player of the year, I guess!”

This kind of condemnation of the Republican party within the realm of gaming was not well received by Republicans, who promptly downvoted the video.

Of course, Left-wing media and propagandists were quick to jump onto the news to take part in bashing anyone who isn’t a full-on Left-wing cult member.

A lot of people did not agree with the media’s take on the speech, and there were plenty of people who were not going to give a proverbial back-pat to SonicFox for taking shots at Republicans, especially since no one took shots at Social Justice Warriors, Liberals, or Leftists at The Game Awards. This is despite the fact that it’s all of the latter groups who created division and tumult within the United States in recent years due to corrupt mainstream media, organized criminal outfits like Antifa, and agitprop activists from gaming outlets who proudly wear the Social Justice Warrior banner. Typically you won’t find those kind of socially disruptive, and politically divisive elements on the Right.


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