Sony Re-Uploads PS4 Family Management Video And Promptly Gets Hit With Censorship Downvotes
PS4 Family Management

Sony re-uploaded the Family Management video for the PlayStation 4, and before it could gather any sort of feedback about the features, disgruntled PlayStation 4 owners made sure they flooded the comment section and the thumbs down rating to make their voices heard about the censorship policy that’s currently affecting lots of games recently released and set to arrive on the PS4 in the coming months.

The video is the same as the one that was uploaded before, only this time, before a bunch of Sony fanboys could come in and show their support of Sony, the like/dislike ratio got hit hard.

It’s a stark difference from when they originally uploaded the video a few days ago. The original video had mostly a lot of upvotes before Sony took the video down.

What hasn’t changed is that the comments are mostly negative and pointing out that Sony has royally screwed the pooch.

Gamers aren’t giving Sony a freaking inch, and they shouldn’t.

The half-baked excuse that Sony fed to gamers was that the reason for the censorship was due to “global standards” and to shield kids from unpleasant content. Except games like God of War, Last of Us and Red Dead Redemption 2 have not been censored even though those games aren’t for kids. Sony’s censorship policies have been targeting a lot of M-rated or 17+ games that aren’t for minors anyway. Some games rated E10+ have also been hit, along with games rated ‘T’ for Teen.

Meanwhile, games like Super Seducer have been completely banned from the PS4, along with Omega Labyrinth Z. But games like Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, which is a gay dating sim, released on the PS4 without being censored.

The inconsistency is obvious from a mile away. While a lot of people have been saying that Sony is censoring games featuring lolis, they’ve also targeted games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet, which features a cast of characters all over the age of 18. Nintendo, meanwhile hasn’t been censoring some of the exact same games that are being censored on the PS4, so that also completely kills the reason being “global standards” or “world trends”. That’s not to mention that certain countries make it illegal to feature LGBTQ content in the games, and yet Dream Daddy wasn’t censored nor was it banned.

There’s a complete PS4 Censorship Policy Master List that highlights all the games that have been affected so far.

Most people have recognized that Sony’s excuse for the policy are just a mask, and that in reality it’s ideologically driven. Specifically, most people noticed that the games targeted are games featuring sexy female characters mostly played by straight males. That’s not to mention that all the decisions regarding the PlayStation brand in North America, Asia, and Japan are controlled by John Kodera, the new CEO, and those decisions are passed down from the new California headquarters.

It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s happening, and gamers are finally speaking up about it. Whether or not Sony will actually take heed remains to be seen, but it looks like the awareness is spreading throughout their videos.


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