Sony UK Meeting Regarding PS4 Censorship Policy Postponed To January, 2019

Senran Kagura PS4 Censorship Policy

There were supposed to be two big announcements this week regarding censorship. The frist announcement was supposed to come from Valve regarding the recent ban-spree of anime games on Steam. That announcement has been postponed until further notice. The second big announcement was relating to Sony’s U.K., division that was supposed to address the current censorship policies for the PS4 that was handed down by Sony Interactive Entertainment of America’s office. Well, that announcement has been delayed because the meeting for that announcement has been delayed.

In a update posted on December 14th, 2018, Yagyu, the creator of the petition to get Sony’s attention regarding the censorship policies, made an update informing gamers that due to the Christmas season, the meeting he was supposed to have with Sony UK has been postponed, and he expects an update in January, 2019. Yagyu writes…

“We had to set a new date with Sony. Christmas time well, everyone is busy, we include.


“The next update is coming once we know a bit more!” […]


“We’re working hard to manage everything in time. Please forgive me that I’m not able to improve the progress faster.”

The petition to get the censorship policies changed is currently at 10,674 signatures as of the writing of this article. You can sign the petition over on

Yagyu, he currently works with Igrasil Studios who just released Bloody Chronicles on Steam, started the petition after gamers began complaining about the massive amount of censorship affecting PS4 games. The censorship also had nothing to do with the assignment of ratings from the regional ratings boards such as PEGI, ESRB, or CERO. It was all being enforced by Sony.

If you think that the signature count is low, it’s because it is. The reality, though, is that the signatures were much higher, but it lost thousands signatures over the course of a couple of weeks. Every time the petition would reach 10,000, it would then lose 1,000 signatures. This persisted for some time until multiple people began reaching out to asking why the petition was rapidly losing signatures. stated that it was due to invalid e-mail addresses or people unsigning the petition. Neither of those could be proven to be true, but some people did report that they had been forcibly unsigned from the petition and had to resign.

It’s still unclear how those people were unsigned from the petition.

Nevertheless, it garnered enough attention for Yagyu, who was a former development partner for Marvelous Entertainment, to finally get in contact with Sony UK, who initially told him that they would have a phone call about the censorship during the second week of December.

However, as evident with the update from Yagyu above, the meeting has now been postponed until after Christmas, and we can expect an update by January, 2019.

For those of you unfamiliar with what’s been going on, a number of PS4 games have been forced to censor their content for release on the PS4, even if they’re Mature-rated games. However, many of those exact same games are available or coming to the Switch uncensored.

If you need to find out which games have been censored or affected by the policy, you can check out the PS4 Censorship Policy Master List.

(Thanks for the news tip Doctor Dementor)