SouljaGame Systems Are A Hot Mess, Featuring Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo ROMs
Soulja Boy Handheld

Soulja Boy released his SouljaGame Handheld and SouljaGame Console to a lot of mixed reviews, but mostly with a lot of negative feedback from people who know better. There’s not much of a reason to pad anything out, so I’ll quickly sum up that these handheld and home console devices are basically emulation stations based on clone systems made by the Chinese, as reported by

In fact, Soulja Boy’s systems are basically just the Revok 101 devices with the Soulja Boy logo slapped on the back. If you check the website, you’ll note that the devices are practically identical to what’s being sold over on

ProtoMario mentioned the same thing in the comment section of a parody review of Soulja Boy’s devices by Madlittlepixel.

Both the Revok 101 and SouljaGame Handheld are priced at $100 (give or take). Over on the store page for the device it reveals that it has support for Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS Vita, Neo Geo, Game Boy Color, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advanced games.

It also boasts coming with 3,000 games, but in the video reviews it doesn’t look like there are actually 3,000 games built-in, but rather a variety of emulated games for the Neo Geo, MAME, SNES, Sega, and Capcom’s CPS systems with their various regional clones included. As some of you may know, there are hundreds of clone variations of some games, and so, it’s easy to hit the 3,000 mark by stretching the definition of what’s considered a “game”.

Also, keep in mind that the SouljaGame Handheld does not come with any Nintendo Switch or PS Vita games, especially since the current Nintendo Switch emulators don’t have full compatibility for most games and require a mega-master rig to play them at decent frame-rates.

If the handheld seemed shady, you’re going to be equally unimpressed with the SouljaGame Console. Madlittlepixel also has a review up for the home console, which you can check out below.

The system comes with standard A/V output and an HDMI plug for a monitor or television. It has two USB ports on the front and clocks in at 1.01lbs.

The power converter that comes with the system is flimsy and extremely dangerous since it slips out of the socket while it’s plugged it. There’s an alternative A/C to USB adapter cable that allows you to plug the system into a power supply with a USB slot, which shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone who has a newer, high quality surge protector.

The two controllers that come with the system are some fake DualShock controllers, featuring the four basic face buttons on the front, along with the bumpers and triggers on the back, dual analogs, and a demarcated d-pad.

The actual system boots into a basic menu featuring a selection of gaming platforms and the ROMs associated with said platforms, including:

  • CPS Games (Capcom ROMS)
  • Game Boy Games
  • GBA Games
  • Sega Genesis Games
  • Sega Master System Games
  • Game Gear Games
  • Game Boy Color Games
  • Neo Geo Games
  • NES Games
  • SNES Games
  • PlayStation One Games
  • And SD Card ROMs

So whatever games are lacking, you can load them into the system via an SD card reader, which could have been cool if the system wasn’t so crappy.

Unlike the SouljaBoy Handheld the home console at least doesn’t falsely advertise Nintendo Switch or PS Vita games, but it does boast 800 built-in games on the store page.

But is it true?

Well, there are about 50 games listed in the Neo Geo section, but not all of them are actually Neo Geo games. And there’s about 28 games in the CPS section, but they aren’t all Capcom games. There’s also hundreds of SNES and Sega games. So it’s hard to tell if it actually hits the 800 limit.

Visually the whole console is just a knockoff of the Xbox One with the logo on the far right side removed. It’s pretty sad.

But that doesn’t even touch on the real issue: unlicensed emulated ROMs.

There doesn’t appear to be any sort of indication that these knockoff systems from Soulja Boy are licensed to distribute Nintendo, Sega, SNK, and Capcom games.

As some of you know, Sega may be lenient about various fan projects and whatnot, but Nintendo certainly isn’t.

Given that Soulja Boy was bragging about making $250,000 in sales from the console and handheld, expect Nintendo to step in and slap the taste of copyright infringement right out of his mouth once they catch wind of this little shindig.

In fact, Nintendo just got done finishing up a $12 million dollar settlement for a copyright lawsuit against the owners of LoveRETRO and LoveROM. Other emulation sites also shut down their ROM sections in lieu of Nintendo’s litigious prowess when it comes to hounding down people selling or sharing their games without permission.

This is going to be an open and shut case for the Big ‘N’ since the store pages literally advertise that they have Nintendo licensed games on these systems but no indication that they licensed these games from Nintendo.

This kind of copyright infringement likely won’t go ignored for long, and the schadenfreude of Soulja Boy having to head to court on behalf of a Chinese knockoff console is going to be glorious.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Ham)


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