Star Citizen Update Covers Photogrammetry, Texture Scanning For Constantine Hurston
Star Citizen - Photogrammetry

The newest Around The Verse episode has dropped, with a hilarious opening. The 11 minute episode starts with a community-made event, along with covering one of the moons of ArcCorp and another major hub of Lorville.

After going through the community event, they drop in with the environment team to talk about how the Lorville interiors are coming together with the shopping centers and transportation hubs to travel around the city and the inner social hubs.

You can check out the video below.

They also drop in with Foundry 42 who is modeling, animating, and designing Constantine Hurston, a new mission giver for the persistent universe.

They explain how they go through the photogrammtery to get floating point data of the real-life actor, and then take a snapshot of his skin for the texture.

Star Citizen - Hurston Office

Due to the inaccuracies of the scanning, the model team has to clean up the mesh, add more details to the model for the UHD LOD version of the render, and then they have to modify the texture so that it matches the cleaned up model. What they end up with is a more realistic looking model based on the 3D scans.

Now not every photogrammetry process comes out with the same level of detail or quality. Some techniques have higher density data point capturing than others, which results in closer 1:1 scans. In this case, the process for capturing the models come close to what Cloud Imperium Games wants, but are still a ways off from the kind of fidelity that they’re targeting, which is why the art team has to go in and manually improve the mesh.

Star Citizen - HD Showcase Weapon Shop

The art team is also fleshing out more of the shopping venues where you can buy weapons for your character or for your ship, as well as adding more areas to explore.

Star Citizen is still moving slowly through the development process, but they’re gunning to reach 3.5, which will feature a lot more content coming out of the developmental pipeline when it does release in 2019. You can keep track of the developmental by heading on over to the .


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