StudioFOW Permanently Banned From Patreon

Studio FOW Banned

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but the adult-themed animation outfit StudioFOW – best known for their popular short films based on video games, such as Lara In Trouble, Kunoichi: Broken Princess and NieR: First [Ass]embly – has been permanently banned from Patreon.

The payment service has been expunging a lot of adult-themed creators from its service, and just recently they banned Conservatives and Libertarians from the platform as well.

Many Left-wing organizations are currently involved in a purge of 18+ content, and StudioFOW was one of the recent victims.

The message that they sent out to their loyal followers was shared over in a comment on the Patreon sub-reddit by user bigwheese. The gist of the message states…

“ Patreon sent me an email saying they are shutting our page down permanently and that we are no longer welcome on the platform. Pretty hilarious considering they were giving us awards and plaques just a couple of years ago…how times change. Luckily we saw this coming from a million miles away – so there’s no need to panic – we’ve been working on a contingency platform and it should be operational towards the end of the year. It will be a place where we can have financial independence away from corrupt corporate entities such as Patreon and you can support us directly – no middleman. We’ve also been working on alternate revenue streams so obviously this is not the end of StudioFOW, but it does mean I cannot communicate with you guys on here anymore as this account is getting terminated In the meantime I encourage you to join the StudioFOW Discord as it is the easiest way to keep in touch until we can set up our independent platform”

The message attempts to assuage fans that StudioFOW is still alive and kicking and they have enough dosh stashed away to make during this transition period between Patreon and the new payment processing mechanism. This comes after Patreon suspended their account a month prior to review StudioFOW.

They obviously don’t want to deal with anymore middlemen processors, which is how they ended up in this situation in the first place.

This also isn’t the first time that we’ve seen payment processors overstepping their bounds to dictate what kind of content can and cannot be made available to the public. Mikandi Japan told Yume Creations they couldn’t host Imolicious on their digital storefront because payment processors forbade them from selling games or content that contains incest.

In the case of StudioFOW, they run the gamut of taboo material so it’s no surprise that Patreon was eventually going to come knocking at the door of creativity looking to slip them an eviction notice from the platform. Thankfully for fans, StudioFOW already had a backup plan in place and was ready to enact it when the day came that Patreon was dropping the banhammer on them.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Ham)