Succubus, Uncensored Action-Horror Title Coming Soon To Steam

Madmind Studios announced that the spin-off to Agony Unrated, titled Succubus, is set to release fairly soon on Steam for PC.

A concept gameplay video was released, featuring nudity, gore, and plenty of violence, along with some new weapons for players to utilize. However, it’s tough to tell if this is another one of those situations where Madmind promises something but fails to deliver in hopes of courting the console crowd, or if they’re going to stay true to the PC roots and go all out.

You can see the concept video for the Unreal Engine 4-powered game in action with the trailer below.

The video picks up after the events of the first game. The story centers around the Succubus, who becomes a rule of Hell alongside Nimrod. However, the Succubus is not content being a queen and decides that a decadent life in hell is not to her liking, so she chooses to wander the wilderness of Hell. The Succubus ends up encountering Baphomet, who is amassing an army set on removing Nimrod from the throne and capturing his soul. The Succubus finds herself captured, maimed, and betrayed, and so she sets out on an adventure to get revenge.

New to the game is the ability to acquire weapons and cleave the enemies in half.

The game definitely looks more combat-focused compared to the more hide-and-seek gameplay featured in the original Agony and Agony Unrated!.

Succubus Unrated

The main selling point for the spin-off is that it has an expanded skill tree for upgrades, all new weapons and armor to collect, different regions of Hell to explore, and a plot that dives into the horror and action themed around attempting to usurp the throne from Nimrod.

According to the press release, Succubus will contain similar kinds of content to Agony Unrated, including infanticide, lots of gore and mutilation, and plenty of nudity and sex.

The Steam page will be going live soon along with the launch of the game for PC.

I’m curious how gamers will respond to Succubus because Madmind lost a lot of respect when they had to adhere to the publishing standard of Playway by censoring the original release of Agony. However, they managed to recover some of that goodwill by releasing Agony Unrated. So we’ll see what gamers think of the studio when Succubus’ Steam page finally does go live.


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