Sunset Overdrive Nude Mod Now Available To Download
Sunset Overdrive Nude Mod Download

Insomniac Games and Microsoft ported over Sunset Overdrive to Steam for PC, opening it up to a much larger target audience than they ever could have hoped for with the game being on the Windows Store or Xbox One. And with that new audience came the inevitable opportunists known as modders. While some modders out there are concerned with worthless pursuits such as improving the game’s graphics, updating the performance, or stabilizing frame-rates, other modders have far more loftier goals in mind, such as making sexy-time nude mods for the characters.’s Sakura4 fits into the latter category, and he recently released a new nude mod for the PC version of Sunset Overdrive, allowing gamers to play as male or female characters in the buff.

You can download the mod for free from over on the very NSFW forum page.

The nude mod allows you to turn your created male or female character into a birthday suit-wearing badass.

The mod requires that you first install the Resorep texture tool replacer. You can download the Resorep tool from over on the Resorep thread.

From there you’ll need to load up the utility after selecting the system you’re using, add the application, navigate to the .exe file for Sunset Overdrive (which is going to be located in the steamapps/common/ folder) and it will ask if the file is 32bit or 64bit, and then move the modded files into the mod folder, and from there you’ll be able to load in modded textures.

Much like other modded games that use Resorep, you can also make your own custom textures using Photoshop. So if you want your characters to be hairier, shiny, oily, plain, or with more detailed muscle textures, you can do that, too.

Sunset Overdrive is available right now over on the Steam store for PC. If you want to spice up your version of the game feel free to grab the nude mod right now.


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