The Blind Prophet Screenshots Emerge For Cyberpunk Point-and-Click Adventure
The Blind Prophet

Ars Goetia Games released some new screenshots for the upcoming point-and-click cyberpunk adventure game, The Blind Prophet. The game is scheduled to enter into crowdfunding on Kickstarter in January, but ahead of its funding drive some new screenshots emerged of Babtiste Miny’s passion project.

The screenshots depict the main character, a grizzled Apostle who comes back to save humanity, while dealing with mysterious forces trying to impede his mission.

The screenshots look fantastic, and they capture the kind of cyberpunk atmosphere we all wanted from Cyberpunk 2077 but failed to receive.

The Blind Prophet - 11

As you can see, the gameplay is like many other standard point-and-click adventure games insofar that you can click on NPCs, talk to them, observe them, interact with them, or use items on them.

You’ll use the mouse cursor to move about the environment, grabbing, touching, interacting, and talking with characters and objects.

There’s a lot of really cool visual dynamics on display in the screenshots that have been released so far.

Also, it’s pretty cool knowing that the game won’t shy away from the sexy side of cyberpunk. My only worry is about how the game will play and if the screenshots are a red herring for what the game is actually like?

We’ve seen plenty of games with cool concept art and prototype footage that looked awesome before heading to Kickstarter, but then when the finished product finally came along it was nothing like what was advertised, like Mighty No. 9.

The Blind Prophet - 13

In this case, the imagery for The Blind Prophet is definitely top notch, combining the askew flavors of fantasy mysticism with a hint of The Witcher and a lot of traditional cyberpunk flavors. It makes sense that right now what we’re seeing looks as good as it does because the one-man-band working on The Blind Prophet has had an illustrious career as a concept artist and illustrator. It definitely shows in the way the scenary and characters are constructed. It’s a shame we don’t get more games that look like this, but I guess something is better than nothing.

The Blind Prophet – 4

The game is scheduled to enter into a Kickstarter campaign in January of 2019. There’s also a demo planned for release to help lure gamers into the whole concept and world of Miny’s bizarre and visually appetizing fiction.

There doesn’t appear to be a website in the press release, but I’m sure all of that will be made available once the Kickstarter campaign is prepped and ready to go live.

The Blind Prophet - 12


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