Ubisoft Dev Tries To Urge Gaming Industry To Blacklist PewDiePie
Pewdiepie Blacklist

Ubisoft may have been smiling gleefully from ear-to-ear when gamers found out that they would be saving the post-apocalyptic ruins of Montana from the wasteland remnants of Antifa in Far Cry: New Dawn, but that smile is quickly going to fade away as gamers catch wind of the news that one of their staff, specifically someone working with the Ubisoft Massive team on The Division, has called for the blacklisting of the mega-popular PewDiePie.

On December 11th, 2018 Ubisoft Massive’s collaboration coordinator, Dianna Lora, who is based out of Sweden, tweeted out the following.

Typically Leftists, Centrists (also known as the “Both Sides Are Bad” brigade), Social Justice Warriors, and Antifa sympathizers would be racing to defend Lora, claiming that she’s not actually calling for a blacklist, or that she’s not actually advocating for censorship, or blackballing. But one must ask, very clearly and concisely: if she doesn’t mean to blacklist PewDiePie, what does she mean?

From most of the Centrists, Leftists, and other aforementioned enablers of the Social Justice Warrior disease, you won’t get an answer, or you just might end up with deflection and equivocation. However, that’s just the start of it.

Lora proceeds to pile on the hate with a follow up tweet.

Lora even went as far as to call PewDiePie a “Nazi” when some gay user tried to defend him.

Others responded, attempting to talk Lora down from advocating the blacklisting of someone over something so trivial, but even rational discussion became verboten within the confines of the Intersectional Inquisition’s chamber of regressivism.

But why are Ubisoft employees now trying to blacklist the most influential gamer in the entire industry? Well, it’s all based on rage-bait published on December 10th, 2018 by The Verge, which was titled “PewDiePie Gives Shout Out To Hateful, Anti-Semitic YouTube Channel”.

The article attempts to paid PewDiePie as an enabler of hate because he gave a shoutout to a YouTube channel called E;R.

The article doesn’t exactly say why the YouTube Channel E;R is bad, other than continuously repeating that it’s a “racist”, “sexist”, “anti-semitic” channel. If you’re looking for evidence, you won’t find it in The Verge article other than the broad stroking ad hominems that they also use to paint PewDiePie. They mention that E;R’s videos contain anti-Semitic content, but they don’t explain how.

PewDiePie actually kowtowed to The Verge, though. He removed the shoutout from the video and issued an apology with the video below.

If you head to E;R’s channel it’s mostly just a series of videos that basically red-pill gamers to the SJW agenda. For instance, there’s one video called “I Can’t Deal With It Anymore”, which just points out that Netflix’s upcoming The Last Airbender remake will be more diversity-ridden, agenda-pushing agitprop. You can check out the video below.

E;R also had a video pulled from YouTube, which was his review of Get Out, which YouTube labeled as “Hate Speech”.

E;R’s video was forced off YouTube, but he had a backup that he plopped up on BitChute, which you can also check out below.

Essentially, anything that isn’t sanitized for the degenerate puritans operating out of the perverse church of the Left-wing orthodoxy is now considered “racist”, “sexist”, and — what was the last one The Verge used? Oh, right… “anti-semitic”.

PewDiePie, once again, decided to apologize for getting smeared in the media by outrage culture perpetuated by the same outlets that tried to turn #GamerGate into an eternal boogeyman that lives rent-free in the heads of the pedophiles and rapists that work in enthusiast and mainstream media. Then again, if there’s a cultural movement of ethical individuals that eternally torment rapists and pedophiles while whether daydreaming or tucked away in bed at night, I can’t say that’s a bad thing.

Nevertheless, PewDiePie giving the drop to E;R to score brownie points with the media is a bad look. But an even worse look is a Ubisoft employee going out of the way to try to convince the rest of the gaming industry to blacklist someone because they liked a video critique of Netflix’s culturally appropriated rendition of a Japanese classic that was transmuted into a hodge-podge of cringe that only the most socially inept addicts of Twitter would enjoy… and even then I suspect the NPC pariahs have slightly better taste in streaming content than that.

Yep, you know your movie is bad when a Spanish, gender-fluid pansexual pans your disasterpiece.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)


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