Valve Artist Says She’ll Look Into Anime Games, Visual Novels Banned On Steam
Jane NG Steam Bans

Recently a bunch of games have been getting banned on Steam. Some of the impacted indie developers pointed to Valve’s product release manager, Jason Ruymen, and another employee, Arisa Sudangnoi, as the alleged culprits behind this policy shift after they were named in some e-mails regarding the games being banned. The bans were suspect because the games were neither “illegal” nor “straight-up trolling”, which were the two major conditions that were supposed to apply for games getting banned on Steam.

Valve was supposed to address the bans at the end of the week, but now it’s been delayed. However, Valve artist, Jane Ng, working on In The Valley of Gods, was accosted by curiosity when two other artists within her social circle began discussing the mass bans affecting games on Steam. The conversation took place on December 16th, 2018.

The two artists explained that games were being banned and that some of these bans can have detrimental effects on the livelihood of developers, since some indie devs do this for a living. They also suggested that Valve should have clear policies about what is and isn’t allowed on the platform, especially after they said they weren’t going to be the “taste police“.

Jane responded by stating that the policies have been put into place back in September of 2018 and that those were the official policies for software releases on Steam.

The artists responded by asking if the policy had come into effect because due to the recent games being banned it seemed as if perhaps the policy hasn’t been implemented. They were referring to games such as Imolicious, which was banned from Steam for “sexually exploited” children, or Niplheim’s Hunter, which was rejected for release twice because it contained a character that the Valve employee didn’t like and told the developer they had to remove the character from the game to release on Steam. Other games like The Key To Home, which is rated ‘T’ for Teen, was also denied release on Steam multiple times for containing content that the reviewer (allegedly Arisa Sudangnoi) claimed contained “sexually suggestive” content featuring minors. Other games like My Bullied Bride were banned without any reason given whatsoever.

One of the more egregious bans was for NekoNyan’s all-ages version of the romance espionage thriller, Hello, Goodbye, which was banned from Steam even though it contained no adult content.

Jane asked for examples from the artists and that she would investigate.

Whether or not this will have any impact on the other address Valve was supposed to be making regarding the recent bans remains to be seen, but having multiple people working at Valve or close to Valve trying to get a clarification on these policies can’t hurt.

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