Victory Project’s Steam Release Delayed Indefinitely Due To Valve
Victory Project

Valve has not communicated with publisher 33Paradox regarding the release of the romantic visual novel, Victory Project, which is being developed by Zhu Sheng Project and Orange Class. Valve’s lack of communication regarding the review of the game meant that 33Paradox had to delay the release of the game indefinitely, or until further notice. This doesn’t mean it’s banned, it just means you won’t be playing it until Valve approves its release on Steam… or you won’t be playing it at all if Valve denies its release on Steam.

On December 3rd, 2018 the developer made a post on the community thread, writing…

“We are sorry to inform you that we have not received the outcome of the game’s audit. We are unable to release the game on schedule. I’ve written [via e-mail] to communicate with STEAM but did not receive a valid reply.”

The game does have a mature content check before you access the page, and if you check the SteamDB profile, it has been flagged by the developers as a game with adult content. So it’s not like the developers were trying to pull a fast one and push a mature-themed game through the platform without proper labels.

There’s also a mature description that mentions that it has slight bloody scenes, naked bodies, and some slight pornographic descriptions.

It’s entirely possible that the loli content in the game could be what’s holding it up from release. If that’s the case then much like HappyHand, they may need to censor the loli content out of the game, even though it’s designed and flagged for mature audiences.

Unlike Niplheim’s Hunter, though, we don’t know exactly why Victory Project is being held up or if they’ll have to censor the game like Niplheim’s Hunter to receive a release on Steam.

Depending on how long it takes for the game to get reviewed by the staff will determine how long it will be before Victory Project can be released.

Now the real tragedy here is that this isn’t even a game for North Americans. While you can still purchase it from the Steam store, it’s entirely in Chinese. There is no English language support, however 33Paradox did take note of English-speaking gamers who requested English localization.

Valve was supposed to be addressing the issue relating to these games being banned in recent times, but so far they haven’t made any announcements about the bans. This also goes against their policy where they said that they would not be curating games as the “taste police”. They’ve obviously reneged on that policy given their recent antics of banning various visual novels and anime games.

For more info on Victory Project, you can keep an eye on the Steam store page.


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