Video Surfaces Of Trans Going Ballistic At GameStop Employee, Customers

Readers have been sending us links and clips of a viral video featuring a trans person going ballistic in a GameStop, verbally attacking both the store clerk and the customers, claiming that they were being “misgendered”.

The minute long video has already garnered more than a million views via Streamable, which you can check out below.


It starts off uncomfortable, with a few patrons near the checkout desk ready to buy some goods, potentially of the AAA flavor, which rots your brain and gives you cancer. But those are usually the only choices in the retail space since GameStop doesn’t carry good games from indie studios.

However, within a fraction of a second, the situation turns more tense than a trucker on Route 66 suffering from faecal impaction.

Decked out in ill-fitting jeans, a pink t-shirt and a haggard hoody, a baritone voice with a lispy inflection threatens the store clerk — a partially bearded young fellow with horn-rimmed problem glasses and a haircut he should have left behind in sixth grade.

Off to the right of the screen a woman tries to calm the situation after voices are raised. Like a veteran deckbuilder on a CCG board trying to use a trump card against a dangerous foe, the woman invokes the support-booster card, “Think of the Children”, saying…

“Excuse me, sir, there’s a young man in here. Watch your mouth– ”

However, the “Think of the Children” card was evaporated off the board like a succubus suckling the virility out of a chivalrous knight, and the hoody-wearing trans fired back with all of the vitriol of the port-side cannons on a galleon taking aim at a sloop out at sea, exclaiming…

“Excuse me! It’s ma’am! …IT IS MA’AM!”

The woman then tries her tactical board maneuvering skills by attempting to invoke the “Police” attack card, saying that she can call the police and that the hoodster needed to “settle down”.

However, the woman obviously needed to brush up on her dialectical Yu-Gi-Oh! skills, because the hoodster was already one step ahead, utilizing the mimic-phrase attack card, repeating the line back at her…

“You need to settle down and mind your business, ‘mkay?”,

This actually forced the woman to disengage as if she were hit with a double-whammy attack card coupled with a silence debuff.

After dispatching the woman from the board, the hoodster turned attention back to the GameStop store clerk, trying to get him to confess to misgendering by bringing the accusation card to the board with +2 attack bonus.

The clerk tried to evade, using an equivocation deflection card by explaining that he was referring to both patrons and said “both you guys!”, but the hoodster kept buffing the accusation attack card each round, which whittled down the defenses of the store clerk, who eventually slipped and played the “Sir” card in trying to calm down the situation. This resulted in the hoodster calling out the clerk and telling him to “let’s take it outside”.

The situation was rapidly spiraling out of control, and the poor store clerk had never prepared for a battle quite like this one.

Vendetta TV also uploaded the video on YouTube, which garnered plenty of chuckles and jokes from the community, but it was anything but a joke for that GameStop employee, who was likely seeing his life flash before his eyes like a game of Hearthstone.

Despite the video only being a minute long, the hoodster drops several bombs on the clerk, saying “I will show you a f*cking sir!”, which prompts for the clerk to finally withdraw from the battle board, surrendering by folding his hand and saying “I apologize!”

It seemed like the battle was over, but lo and behold the hoodster unleashed a devastating attack on the Destiny 2 display, toppling over the contents to the floor, which is the most attention the game has received from anyone in months.

However, before exiting the store, there was one final verbal threat leveled at the clerk from the battle board victor, who said…

“I need your corporate number… because I’m going to call them and talk about how I was misgendered several times in this store.


“I need your corporate number now!


“Get it for me now!”

After a short back and forth with the clerk – who seemed to have taken time to rejuvenate his will by pulling one final trick from up his sleeve – the clerk began to calmly use the procrastination trap card, which had the status effect of indefinitely delaying his opponent so long as the patron kept asking for the number. This resulted in the recursive effect of the clerk constantly saying that he was going to get the corporate number without actually getting the number, every single time he was asked to get the number.

The trap card seemed to work wonders in the clerk’s favor, and the hoodster finally got tired and gave up, opting to leave the store… but not before issuing one final threat, saying…

“You’re just going to keep flapping your gums and disrespecting trans people in this store, which I plan [on] telling the entire LGBTQ community. You’re going to lose money over this.”

With that, the battle was over, and the store was washed over with the silence of an eerie calm.

(Thanks for the news tip Dank Meme Bro)

Also, here’s a bonus video of a soy boy at a vape shop flipping out on a freedom-loving American because he was wearing a Trump shirt.


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