Virtual Surfing, Realistic Surfing Game Surfs Onto Steam Early Access
Virtual Surfing

Indie developer Waveor decided to try their hand at a completely different kind of simulation game. While Steam is flooded with all sorts of parody simulators, Virtual Surfing is a game that attempts to capture the realism and challenge of real life surfing.

The object of the game is to master the tube, tame the wave, and execute excellent stunts. The Early Access version of the game features riding medium or large-sized waves. You can enter into the waves as you see fit, choosing where to start the wave or how to come out of it.

Virtual Surfing - Steam

You can also surf inside the tube of the wave, with an added tube-cam to give you an inside look at what it’s like inside the tube.

Much like the recently released Skater XL, you can also use the rider’s weight distribution to change how the board is handled, which in turn changes how stunts are performed. You can check out the gameplay trailer below to see how how the waves are ridden and what the stunts look like in real-time.

The game definitely has some rough spots around the edges, mostly with the transition animations being a little stiff when you fall off the surfboard. And the water sometimes looking kind of like gloop as its forming a wave. However, some of the wave-riding and the tube effects for the water actually look pretty good. Also the way the riders adjust to the surface of the wave and bounce with the board is done really well.

The game features both challenges and competitions to partake in, where you’ll need to ride through the waves in a specific way or execute a number of tricks and combos to win the tournament.

The game also sports custom surfboard liveries, so you can design your own boards and use them in the game. You can also customize your own surfer, choosing between male or female surfers, and choose from some really sexy looking bikinis.

The game is expected to stay in Early Access between three and nine months. You can pick up a digital copy for $29.99 from over on the Steam store.


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