Weekly Recap Dec 15th: Valve Bans Anime Games, Ubisoft Vs PewDiePie, YouTube Rewind Hatred
Weekly Recap

The war on lolis continues with plenty of censorship that happened this week. For the people who hate the lolicons, there’s nothing but victory flashing in their eyes. For the people who love lolis, there’s nothing but hate flashing in their eyes. And speaking of hate… a Ubisoft employee decided to pick a fight with PewDiePie, except no one told the Ubisoft dev that their arms were too short to box with Pewds.

Valve was obviously the star of this week’s recap, censoring a whole bunch of games after word spread that the company would be addressing the bans. This is all taking place even though Valve originally said they wouldn’t be curating games on Steam and that they wouldn’t be the taste police. They broke their promise and now gamers are going to break their arse.

Oh yeah, and the YouTube Rewind 2018 video is the most hated and cringe-worthy video ever in the history of all of humanity. It takes a special kind of retard to achieve that level of disappointment, but the corporate dunces at Google are always up to the task of finding ways to make even the most primitive of sub-Saharan African tribes look like modern-day geniuses by comparison, and that’s literally scientifically impossible. These stories and more in this December 15th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises Will Be Woke

Do you desire a new Dragon Age that hearkens back to the dark-fantasy RPG that gets back to BioWare’s roots? Well, don’t look for it to happen with The Dread Wolf Rises, which was announced at The Game Awards. The narrative director on the game basically made it known that the upcoming game will be even more diverse and inclusive than before. China has established a new censorship and curation committee called the Online Games Ethics Commitee. And Sony isn’t the only one getting on on the censorship gig. Facebook has a new ban on sexual solicitation through interaction, which includes messaging, photos, videos, and posts. And Patreon is also on the censorship train as well, permanently banning StudioFOW from the service.


Anti-#GamerGate Journalists Smear Former GOG Employee After He Was Doxed

Anti-#GamerGate journalists decided to target a former employee of GOG.com after he was fired for a tweet he made using a hashtag. After he was doxed by ResetEra, the outfits decided to drag him through the mud and smear his name after Jeremy Hambly from TheQuartering attempted to hire him for the upcoming website Exclusively Gaming. There’s either going to be the most anti-SJW game ever made or a super-troll when Jesus Strikes Back‘s alpha goes live in February, 2019. The U.S., streams of Sword Art Online: Alicization were all censored for the airing of Episode 10 which featured an attempted rape scene, even though there was no nudity and no penetration showcased. And a new report indicates that Valve’s Artifact has already lots more than half its active players over the course of the week.


School Shuts Down Class Because Of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Logo Looking Like A Crosshair

Some school administrators were nearly convinced that a fan of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a school shooter because he wrote on the whiteboard that “On Dec 7th it’s time to [Smash Bros., logo]” which made people assume that it meant it was time to shoot up the school, but really he meant it was time to “smash!”. Lots of chaos, police investigations, and concerned parents later, and the school finally got a handle on the whole thing. John Romero is releasing a spiritual successor to Doom as part of the 25th anniversary of the game called Sigil, it’s going to be due out in mid February of 2019. A Fortnite streamer beat the crap out of his wife live on stream and had to go to jail for it, but it was only because she kept nagging and provoking him until he finally put some fists to her face. Capcom has implemented in-game ads into Street Fighter V, much to chagrin of gamers. The Metro 2033 movie just got killed after the author of the books pulled the rights from MGM after the producers attempted to make a “woke” American version of the movie. And an SJW writer for Vox finally got fired after collecting more than a decade’s worth of child pornographer.


Ubisoft Dev Tries To Get PewDiePie Blacklisted

Someone working as a collaboration coordinator at Ubisoft Massive for The Division tried to get the gaming industry to rally and blacklist PewDiePie because he liked a video on YouTube. No really, that actually happened. This also took place after PewDiePie basically apologized for liking a video on YouTube. If you think that’s insane, rapper Soulja Boy released some Chinese knockoff consoles featuring a bunch of unlicensed ROMs from Nintendo, Sega, SNK, and Capcom and is charging $149.99 for the system. It will likely get him in trouble with the bigger boys if they catch wind of it, especially the always-game Nintendo who isn’t afraid to throwdown in the court room. The Star Wars documentary chronicling LucasFilm’s demise into an audience-attacking behemoth, which has resulted in Solo: A Star Wars Story bombing at the box office, will release in May of 2020 next year. And speaking of Disney, the company got hit hard by their own audience when a bunch of fans of Kim Possible gave a bunch of thumbs downs to the YouTube trailer for the upcoming live-action film due out in early 2020.

YouTube Rewind 2018 Becomes Most Hated Video On YouTube

Only YouTube could manage to make itself the most hated video on the entire internet. It’s not an easy feat to accomplish, but they managed to do it and do it in spades. Now everyone hates YouTube Rewind 2018, save for a few million celebrities, pro-corporate shills, and baby killers in pedowood. And speaking of reasons to hate YouTube, they also permanently banned Mumkey Jones for “Hate Speech” because he made a series of parody videos about incels. And in taxation without representation news, Pennsylvania rep has decided to introduce a bill to add a 10% sales tax to Mature-rated video games. And Markus “Notch” Persson challenged the mainstream media, dabbled in the “JQ” and told off a bunch of feminists and SJWs by exposing the anti-white male agenda being pushed by the media.


Reddit Bans Lolicon Sub-Reddit

Reddit has brought the hammer down on the lolicons. The dream is over and it’s now time to find a new place to indulge in your flat justice fetish. Paypal has pulled out of supporting SubscribeStar, leaving content creators and anti-SJW pundits like Sargon of Akkad and Tim Pool out of a revenue source. DC Comics cancelled the Border Town comic book after allegations of sexual assault surfaced and the team working on the comic bailed. Rockstar has actually started charging for gold bars in the beta version of Red Dead Redemption 2, essentially turning it into a pay-to-win online game. And Twitter has permanently banned Lo-Ping, also known as GamingAndPandas from the service after he went head to head with anti-gay Anarcho-Communists. The fallen hero won’t be soon forgotten.


Valve Turns To The Dark Side, Forces Devs To Censor Games

Valve went full censorship this week. While they were originally supposed to speak out about what the new policies would be regarding the recent bans, instead they began bullying and forcing the developers of Niplheim’s Hunter to remove a character from the game, and censor other content in the game. They also indefinitely delayed the release of the Chinese visual novel, Victory Project. And completing the trifecta of bullcrap, they banned the visual from Cherry Kiss Games called i>My Bullied Bride from the Steam store. On the upside, at least Doctor Who‘s ratings tanked on the season finale, and a bunch of normies woke up and decided to rag on the show over on Rotten Tomatoes, so not all hope is lost.


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