Weekly Recap Dec 1st: Bethesda’s Fantastic Tale Of Failure, Battlefield V Got Woke And Goes Broke

Weekly Recap

The launch of Battlefield V did not go over well for Electronic Arts and DICE at all. The game launched in fourth place in the U.K., and analysts reported that the game’s physical sales were down 60% compared to Battlefield 1. It basically came out of the gate woke and is already going broke. EA decided to compensate by launching a campaign that allows anyone to play the full version of Battlefield V for free for 24 hours. But due to all the SJWism and historical revisionism, it’s probably best left untouched.

Bethesda meanwhile has been filling out a ballad for their fantastic tale of failure. Nearly every other day the company is in the news for screwing up the epically abysmal release of Fallout 76, providing gamers with more schadenfreude than a soy boy swimsuit competition.

These stories and more in this December 1st, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Battlefield V SJW Revisionism Gets Blown Up

Watch out boys, the xir-patrols are out in full force. Twitter updated their terms of service and they can now ban you for misgendering trans-folk and xir-kin. Most of Twitter’s Left-leaning rejoiced, but every other normal person was frightened because now greeting people online might result in getting banned for saying “dude”, or “bro”, or “he”, or “she”. With the loot box scandal reaching all new heights, Square Enix is pulling Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy from the mobile market in Belgium. DICE’s Battlefield V was already pozzed, but a new video outlined how much the game has completely revised history in order to push their SJW agenda. It’s a disgusting piece of agitprop and shows just how much DICE has sold out.


Battlefield V Got Woke And Is Going Broke

It’s happening, boys. DICE and EA decided to get woke and appease their fake 13-year-old daughters who play Fortnite and wanted a historically revised World War II shooter to satiate their feminist empowerment fantasies, and that’s exactly what DICE delivered with Battlefield V and so now they’re paying the ultimate price by going broke. Now take note that sales are down and the game is not moving physical copies, but it’s still not completely broke… yet. Speaking of getting woke and going broke… Overkill’s The Walking Dead also tried getting somewhat woke and is now going broke. The lazy co-op cash-in is already turning into a financial thorn in Starbreeze’s side and so now they’re looking for ways to recoup the funds. Oh, and Imolicious finally released in full and completely uncensored over on Fakku.


Bethesda Could Get Raped By A Class Action Lawsuit

If you were hoping that Bethesda would get bit hard in the heiny from some sort of authority regarding the piss-poor launch of Fallout 76 and their refusal to offer refunds, well, a law firm is investigating the potentiality for a class action lawsuit. There’s no guarantee that a lawsuit will spawn out of the investigation, but gamers sure are hoping that it will. And speaking of investigations, the Federal Trade Commission is investigating the link between gambling and loot boxes within premium priced games. The ESA was quick to shoot back that loot boxes aren’t gambling, all while gamers continue to push back against the ludicrous practice of including loot boxes in premium priced AAA games. Also, nearly half of all the PlayStation Classic games will be running at just 50hz, which is either going to be a percentage slower than how the NTSC games run or will run into some serious frame-rate issues on the emulator Sony is using.


Nintendo Shanks Sony And Microsoft With Black Friday Switch Sales

The Big ‘N’ cleaned up over the five day period including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with the Nintendo Switch becoming the best-selling console over that period, and moving more units during Black Friday than any other previous Nintendo console before it, and this came after Nintendo announced the end of the Creators Program, so now YouTubers can make clean bucks playing Nintendo games and producing video content based on their gameplay. Sony, meanwhile, got its PlayStation Plus offerings downvoted to oblivion even though the games aren’t that bad for December. Some gamers felt kind of regretful for their decision after witnessing the even pisser-poor line-up that Microsoft doled out for the Xbox One as part of their Games With Gold line-up for December.


Study Finds Link Between Loot Boxes And Gambling Addiction

There’s a new study out that appears to have found a link between loot boxes and gambling addiction, also known as problematic gambling. The only problem is that the study couldn’t validate if hardcore gamers were becoming more addicted to gambling through loot boxes, or if gamblers who already had a compulsion for gambling were drawn to loot boxes. The report suggests that more research is required before hasty actions are made. BioWare has updated gamers on the progress of Anthem, noting that the game has left the alpha testing phase and is scheduled to launch at the beginning of 2019. And Bethesda got nicked by consumers who found out that they were grifted out of a canvas bag as part of a $200 collector’s edition of Fallout 76, which has miffed a lot of gamers who purchased the rare edition of the game.


Bethesda Gets Busted Over A Canvas Bag

For some reason Bethesda decided to take every opportunity available to throw themselves in the lions den with the release of Fallout 76. The latest escapade involves Bethesda getting caught with a canvas bag that apparently they gave out to YouTubers even though they claimed they didn’t have the materials or costs to produce it for the people who paid $200 for the collector’s edition. A law firm is now investigating Bethesda over the whole duffel bag fiasco, which may not end well for the publisher. Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode is also catching flak for the high-priced microtransactions, but sadly most people are going to throw money at Rockstar regardless because… well, it’s Rockstar. And the Globe and Mail has blamed video games for girls not doing well on math tests due to sexism… yes, they actually said that.

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