Weekly Recap Dec 22nd: Valve Battles Fictional Child Exploitation, Patreon Bans, Google Play Censorship
Weekly Recap

It seems like each week more and more censorship news keeps popping up. While centrists sit idly by claiming that “both sides are bad” while the dildo of neutrality stays fixated within the narrow caverns of their buttocks, most people fed up with seeing their favorite shows, games, movies, and even social media hangouts getting walloped by the long arm of the makeshift corporate law that governs the internet.

We saw Google cracking down on both games and apps this past week, including suspending ArtStation until they made sure no images containing any sort of feminine sex appeal was made available to app users. We also saw Valve’s rogue employees continually going after games and banning them, only we got a vague sense of what they’re targeting in the form of “child exploitation” and “school” settings (even though some of the games getting banned neither contain kids nor are set in a school). Some gamers decided to exploit the “child exploitation” claim by reporting games like Life is Strange and Rockstar Games’ Bully.

And then we saw Patreon going full-on 1984 by removing people for wrongthink and for saying things that deemed “Hate Speech” even when the thought crime happened on some completely unrelated channel to the user. These rabble-rousing stories and more in this December 22nd, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Valve Is Now Banning Games Featuring Exploited Minors In School

If you have a visual novel in development featuring characters of a questionable age in a school setting, prepare to have your game “taste policed” by Valve. According to a discussion and some e-mail notifications from some developers, Valve will be cracking down on certain types of anime and visual novel games, but it’s not really clear why some games are targeted and others aren’t. Some gamers have petitioned Bethesda to unban the Gay Eliminators for fear that Bethesda is violating EU law. And speaking of violating EU law, the Reddit moderators of /r/Games/ removed a post that highlighted how Bethesda violated GDPR Article 7. The update regarding Sony’s censorship policy has been postponed to 2019. And in lieu of all the censorship happening on Steam, Top Hat Productions will be opening up their own digital distribution outlet.


Antifa Members Join Game Workers Union

A union called Game Workers Unite UK has started, but some of the core members of the group have ties to none other than the terrorist organization known as Antifa. Not only that, but the core goal of the group is to remove white men from the industry by promoting the “diversity and inclusion” initiative. Patreon has justified their actions in which they banned Sargon of Akkad, claiming that even off-site behavior they deem “hateful” or part of “hate speech” can get you perma-banned. The lawsuit against The Escapist and Enthusiast Gaming has revealed new details about Russ Pitts, the editor-in-chief, abusing former staff members. And Battle State Games filed multiple false DMCA claims to take down YouTuber Eroktica for being critical of their game and practices surrounding Escape From Tarkov. Oh, and the global gaming industry is now worth $134 billion.


Google Forces ArtStation Into Censorship Ultimatum

Google has basically dropped the gauntlet, forcing ArtStation to either start censoring its non-sexual art or stay exiled from the Google Play store. The art repository is now trapped between a rock and a hard place, as they’ll either end up disrespecting artists’ work to get back in Google’s good graces, or they’ll need to stick up for freedom of expression at the risk of being banned from the platform. Fallout 76 continues to generate schadenfreude, this time with launching a cash shop discount on super over-priced items that are worth the equivalent of trash. A new player data sharing service has enabled some nifty engineers to reverse engineer the stats and discover the sales of various games, and it revealed that woke titles like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus didn’t sell well at all. Also, Project Hentai’s Shopify page got banned, and they’ve been unable to sell manga to customers after being banned, while the Israeli web host for Jesus Strikes Back shut down the web page because they found it offensive.


Nep Nep’s Nip-Nips Get Censored

Brave Neptunia‘s CG art got censored for the PlayStation 4. The censorship is pretty obvious when compared to the pre-release promo images. The only hope now is that the Nintendo Switch version due out in the middle of 2019 doesn’t get hit with the same levels of censorship. Speaking of nips… Dead or Alive 6 received its ESRB rating and it’s an ‘M’ for Mature, which is completely expected. What might be unexpected is that there appears to be a Photo Mode in the game, and it allows you to snap photos of the girls in… compromising positions. Also, Australians won’t be able to stream anime from KissAnime and other similar streaming services after the studios forced the ISPs via a court order to block those sites from being accessed in the land down under. Yet another game managed to get held up by the rogue employees at Valve, this time My Erotic Summer had its release waylaid due to Valve. And Hentai Haven might be saved by Fakku… for better or for worse.


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