Weekly Recap Dec 29th: Woke Awards 2018, PayPal Bans, Cliffy B Heads To Broadway
Weekly Recap

The final week of December rounded out with even more censorship, which has become a staple for 2018. However, more normies are becoming aware of the censorship and are somewhat starting to catch wind of the fact that corporations like PayPal banning people for ideological reasons is a real dangerous precedent. What becomes of that remains to be seen, but at least people are waking up.

I can’t say if this week was really any worse than any of the other previous weeks. We had a few good cap-offs to otherwise mundane stories, such as the vape guy getting fired for going off on a Trump supporter buying vape for his wife, or Cliffy B., being relegated to the realm of Broadway after getting butt-blasted out of the world of interactive entertainment for getting woke and making his company go broke. And speaking of getting woke, the first annual Video Game Woke awards went live this week. So be sure to check that out to see which games got BTFO as we round out 2018. These stories and more in this December 29th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets Pulled From Major Tournaments

There has been a disturbance in the Ki. The major tournaments have been forced by the rights holder to drop Dragon Ball FighterZ. That’s right, one of the most popular and one of the biggest fighting games to come out is being banned from major FGC tournaments, but thankfully there have been some efforts from Katsuhiro Harada to save the game’s e-sports scene. The lawsuit against The Escapist has continued to take strange turns, including revelations that Russ Pitts, the editor-in-chief at The Escapist, finger-banging fat chicks. Bethesda’s dying Fallout 76 is seeing the company trying any and everything to bolster player counters, including giving away older Fallout games. 10 PS Vita games that Limited Run Games had planned on releasing physically had to be put on hold because there weren’t enough PS Vita cartridges made available for Limited Run to print the games. And both Chuchel and Atlas got review bombed but for two totally different reasons. Chuchel got review bombed because the developer caved to SJWs. Atlas got review bombed because it was ARK: Survival Evolved DLC that was split off and sold as a separate game.


Video Game Woke Awards 2018

They’re loud, they’re proud, and they got woke. The 2018 Video Game Woke Awards have been handed out, and many of your favorite SJW-laden games have made the cut. This includes notable games like God of War and Battlefield V… because of course they would make the cut. Speaking of propaganda, the Chinese are funding an anime called The Leader based on Karl Marx. Bethesda continues to screw the pooch with Fallout 76, this time messing up with the whole Nuka Cola orders. The ban on “school” settings featuring “child exploitation” is a selective mode of banning being rolled out by Valve. One game that magically managed to escape the censor-happy fingers of Valve’s resident rogue employees is the gay guro visual novel, Sweet Pool, showcasing that Valve looks double-standards.


Cliffy B Heads To Broadway After Getting Woke

Cliffy B., managed to tank Boss Key Productions after making LawBreakers get woke. Cliffy B., decided to take his talents to an industry that he hasn’t perverted yet… Broadway. Yes, Cliffy B., is going to Broadway. Compile Heart’s Brave Neptunia did not do so great in the first week of launch in Japan on the PS4, in fact its sales dropped 72% compared to the launch week sales of Cyberdimension Neptune. Epic Games Store was recently criticized by gamers for violating the GDPR and worries from gamers who feel Tencent Games might be getting a hold of their private info. An Argentinian radio host was forced to either spend time in jail or have feminist guests on his show for five months and not criticize them, all because he said “misogynistic” comments about feminists acting like Nazis. The Nintendo Switch has managed to surpass the PS4 and PS4 slim in Japan with 6.6 million unit sales. Battlefield V is continuing to receive backlash from players over broken assignments and hackers ruining the game.


Blizzard Wants To Increase Censorship Standards For Overwatch

Blizzard is starting up their new chat moderation utility, which will force users to combine their Battle.net account with their Twitch account, which means that if you say something naughty on Twitch you could be banned form your Battle.net games. Speaking of toxic behavior… a self-proclaimed trans entered into a GameStop and decided to deride the employee and customers and knock over a Destiny 2 stand, all while proclaiming to be the victim. Top notch behavior from the Tolerant Left. And in even more news about the Tolerant Left, the developers of Jesus Strikes Back managed to get its website back after the Israeli company tanked it, but then PayPal banned the developers from using them as a payment processor. And PewDiePie unleashed his very own YouTube Rewind 2018 video and it’s liked a heck of a lot more than the one that YouTube produced, replacing all the Social Justice virtue signaling and cringe with some spicy memes.

Oh and in case you missed it, here’s Commando Ninja, which is a nice way to rekindle a good dose of testosterone heading into 2019.


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