Weekly Recap Dec 8th: Sony’s Lame Censorship Excuse, Valve Enacts War On Waifus
Weekly Recap

The crusade against the cartoon courtesans has commenced once again by Valve’s resident anime terminators, Jason Ruymen and Arisa Sudangnoi. This week saw a handful of other games getting delayed releases or completely banned from Steam, as the war on waifus continues. It appears the more these two are highlighted in the news the more vindictive they become against hot anime girls in visual novels and sexy-time games. Developers are at their wits’ end trying to navigate through the maze of offense, and manage to get their games up and out on Steam without triggering the two horsemen of the Waifu Apocalypse.

This week also played host to the 2018 Game Awards, which saw a number of games announced for various platforms, including Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Mortal Kombat 11 coming to the Nintendo Switch for the first time. Oh yeah, and Bethesda doxed a bunch of customers who filed support tickets for Fallout 76. And Sony issued one of the lamest excuses ever for their cavalcade censorship against fan-service games, stating that it was to match “global standards” and to shield kids from unpleasant content. These stories and more in this December 8th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Sony Japan Finally Acknowledges Censorship Policy Is To Protect Kids

The news finally dropped that Sony of Japan president, Atsushi Morita, stated that the reason for the new censorship policies being enforced is to shield kids from “unpleasant” forms of expression and to match “global standards”. And if that wasn’t bad enough, feminists are rewriting the Bible to make it more “Woke” for the #MeToo era. I can only wish that I was joking about that. Crunchyroll got flattened by its own community for spoiling Zombie Land Saga, trapping their own audience between a rock and a hard place. The piracy site, Good Old Downloads, has bit the dust and won’t be returning due to scamming rivals. And Netflix is catching heat from SJW NPCs who are angry that the live-action version of Cowboy Bebop might contain white people in the cast. And a Gamespot reviewer docked points from the Persona 5 dancing game because he claimed in one level the females were too oversexualized. *Gasp*


Tumblr Bans All Adult Content

Tumblr is about to get a heck of a lot more tame… well, in some parts. The social media platform banned all 18+ adult content featuring human genitalia and female-presenting nipples. Trans nudity, nipples, animal genitalia, furry porn, and other forms of degeneracy are apparently still allowed, but traditional porn is a no-no. This comes after Tumblr got caught hosting actual child pornography due to all the degenerates that flock to the website. In slightly less disturbing news, Sony UK branch will speak with the petition maker who is attempting to rally the community against Sony’s new censorious policy. They don’t have any power but Sony UK will attempt to communicate with the developer. And Bethesda finally decided to stop acting like a punk and send out the canvas bags that were promised to the consumers who purchased the $200 collector’s edition of Fallout 76.

Epic Game Store Sets To Rival Steam

Epic Games announced that the new Epic Game Store is currently in beta, featuring a no-DRM policy for its client software (although third-party developers can still add DRM), an a whopping 88% revenue share for developers. The new service also offers refunds, along with a hand-curation team who will selectively pick and choose what is and isn’t allowed on the new store. Many think that it may rival Steam in terms of market share, but it all depends on whether or not they get woke with it. And speaking of woke… former EA executive Patrick Soderlund has joined Embark Studios and is now the CEO of the startup as they attempt to make new games. Ubisoft has set a two year expiration date on the Club Units, so you’ll have to regularly use or log into your Uplay account to make use of the points before they go kaput.

Valve Is Now The Taste Police… For Anime Games

That’s right boys, the waifu holocaust is back.Valve has reneged on their promise that they are not the “taste police”. They have begun banning and censoring games on Steam, targeting specific developers who make anime games or visual novels, all while not announcing or explaining themselves and how they’re defying their own policy. God of War creator, David Jaffe, decided to finally step out of the shadows and defend freedom of speech, claiming that while he doesn’t necessarily agree with people like Milo and Ben Shapiro, he will defend their right to say what they want. Overkill’s The Walking Dead absolutely tanked in sales, and now the entire company is restructuring in lieu of the sales disaster.


Bethesda Doxed Fallout 76 Customers

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Bethesda, they actually went and doxed their customers. Really, they did. No joke. It’s the most asinine thing imaginable and they’re likely going to get sued and fine-hammered worse than an unlicensed liquor store next to a middle-school, but Todd Howard and the gang apparently love living life on the edge of the (de)bug. And in more WTF news of the week, Starbreeze Studios, the makers of Payday 2 and Overkill’s The Walking Dead, saw the police raiding their offices and making arrests for financial criminality, but they had help from the former exec, Bo Andersson, who helped the police finger out the criminals. The game Death Mark was censored on the Nintendo Switch and on PS4, despite being rated ‘M’ for Mature. According to Aksys Games the censorship came in lieu of the ESRB finding an image in the game distasteful. And Mike Laidlaw has joined Ubisoft Quebec to start work on a brand new project.


Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Rises Is Already Woke

That’s right, boys. Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises just barely got announced and it’s already woke. The narrative director went spouting off at the mouth that the game will be political and that it’s going to be steeped in diversity. We all know how well that worked out for Mass Effect: Andromeda. The war against the waifus continues, this time the game Niplheim’s Hunter was targeted by Valve, and has been forced to endure an indefinite release. Steam isn’t the only one waging war on the waifus. Waifu Holocaust 2: The Deflowering is in full effect over in Japan, and even the producer of Senran Kagura has acknowledged that fan-service is being driven out of the industry little by little. This is quite evident with the fact that another visual novel was censored and delayed on the PS4, this time it’s Haruoto Alice Gram: Snow Drop, with upskirt shots and any underwear shots being covered up and censored. And SonicFox made headlines by attacking Republicans during his winning speech at The Game Awards this year.


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