YouTube Terminated Mumkey Jones YouTube Channels For “Hate Speech”
The Mumkey Jones Terminated

Parody and dark comedy are under the attack by the Liberal corporatists for ostensibly violating the ever-so-vague and amorphous oral-crime of “hate speech”. YouTuber Mumkey Jones, featured in the header image with eyes wide like a deer caught in the headlights of the Social Justice station-wagon, is undergoing that very crucifixion right now as YouTube has terminated his two main channels after they were flagged following a presentation by a feminist Social Justice Warrior who allegedly used his videos to demonstrate the dangers of incels.

If this sounds all too hokey to be true, you should only wish that that were so. The Dick Show recounted how Mumkey’s dark comedy parodies of Elliot Rodgers and the incel community was used as an attack vector by a feminist against incel (involuntarily celibate) culture, and YouTubers promoting that culture.

Shortly thereafter Mumkey’s channels were targeted by Social Justice Warriors, who then went on to strike his channels, eventually getting them terminated by YouTube on December 11th, 2018.

Mumkey reached out to YouTube to find out why his channels were terminated, and YouTube actually responded by saying that they would look into it. After a second review, they claimed that the videos consisted of “Hate Speech”, even though they were satirizing incels, and that the termination of his account was final.

However, as pointed out by the thread over on Reddit, some flaggers have confirmed that the videos were not actually hate speech, but YouTube still wouldn’t budge on reinstating the accounts, with user Vaporeonus writing…

“Even after contacting trusted flaggers that were able to verify the videos didn’t break any community guidelines, Youtube still won’t release the 6 consequent strikes that were a very obvious attempt at destroying Mumkey’s youtube career / removing him from the platform.”

Mumkey Jones didn’t give up, though. He proceeded to reach out to a trusted flagger at YouTube and attempt to get the ball rolling again on attempting to recover his channels after the message from the Twitter account still labeled the videos as “hate speech”.

He did a video recently on another channel, clocking in at 11 minutes and looking genuinely worried since his entirely livelihood went up in a puff of smoke after his video was hit with the community strikes. In the video he explains that he hasn’t given up yet, but he’s been dealing with depression and suicide, since if his channels aren’t restored his life’s income has just gone kaput.

It’s scary to think that YouTube can end someone’s life like that without a care in the world.

Worse yet is that the community strikes against his channel for “hate speech” shows just how flimsy the reasoning has become in order to de-platform someone.

YouTuber Tim Pool did a recap of the entire event, and Pool points out that after YouTube went after white nationalists, they’re now coming after edgelords and jokers.

While they may have joked about Mumkey’s videos being used in the presentation, and mocked the safe-space activists for taking a series of videos mocking Elliot Rodgers seriously, The Dick Show would also need to tread carefully because joking about feminists, Social Justice Warriors, or the Intersectional Inquisition could put them in the crosshairs of a YouTube termination as well.

If, however, you feel as if the termination of Mumkey Jones’ accounts were done would like to support Mumkey Jones, feel free to do so by visiting his Patreon account.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Han)


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