Zyon, Music-Rhythm Game Removed From Google Play Until Devs Censor Female Characters
Zyon Censored

Chinese developer Aquatrax has been forced to censor the music-rhythm game, Zyon, after Google removed the game from the Google Play store for Anroid phones and tablets. The removal was due to the game containing “mature” content.

The news comes courtesy of a post over on the Aquatrax Facebook page, where a post was made on December 13th, 2018, informing the community that Zyon won’t be available on Google Play until they censor the characters by making the girls more covered up.

The developer wrote…

“Dear friends.Google play has remove Zyon at this moment since it consider Zyon has “mature” content. In an email we received recently,Google pointed that Zing’s clothing is too much wild and pointed some parts not appropriate. We are shrinking all of our characters’ boobs and making them more clothes since it’s winter,and it is reasonable!
Sorry kids!


“Zyon will be back very soon!”

Many gamers began blaming Google for the censorship.

One user, however, put the blame on the Chinese government, who has started a new committee to oversee the censorship of games. The user stated that it was due to these new regulations that Google was forced to have Aquatrax censor Zyon.

However, that theory doesn’t hold up under scrutiny given that the game is still available for download over on the iTunes App Store.

If it were the Chinese government, wouldn’t both Google and Apple have had the game removed until it was censored?

Also, you can see what they want censored in the image below.

Zyon Censorship

Basically, it’s to cover up the girls’ cleavage, based on the image that Aquatrax shared with the red outline around the decolletage of the one chick above.

The cleavage may not entirely be the problem but perhaps Google was targeting Zyon because the character looks young? Then again, with all the censorship running rampant across various platforms, it’s impossible to tell exactly what will trigger the big corps at this point.

Throughout the game – in between the rounds – you can see some of the sexy CG art for the girls, so apparently Google didn’t want gamers looking at the titillating images.

A PC version of the game is also set to release on December 20th, 2018 called Invaxion. Once it’s ready it will be made available over on the Steam store.

Bilibili will be publishing Aquatrax’s title, and I’m curious if they will run into the same sort of issues that other developers have been running into regarding games featuring sexy anime girls getting banned by staff at Valve? I suppose we’ll find out on December 20th.

As for Android users, you’ll see Zyon return to the Google Play store once Aquatrax finishes censoring the game.

(Thanks for the news tip CENSORED BY SONY)


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