After Getting Banned From Steam, Hello Goodbye Launches On JastUSA, MangaGamer, Nutaku

Hello Goodbye

The all-ages version of NekoNyan Software’s Hello, Goodbye was banned from release on Steam. Valve has been cracking down on various visual novels and anime-style games, claiming that games that contains content that they deem “legally grey” will be banned from the store.

Well, instead of trying to appeal to the taste police” at Valve, NekoNyan and Lump of Sugar decided to ship Hello, Goodbye through other means… particularly their own storefront and a host of other adult-oriented shops as well.

This was made abundantly clear via a number of tweets, first from NekoNyan who announced that you can purchase Hello, Goodbye from their own digital storefront

And then it was followed up with announcements from MangaGamer, who also announced that you can purchase Hello, Goodbye from their digital storefront as well, with a 10% off discount so you only have to pay $26.95.

But we’re not done yet!

Even Nutaku got in on the action, showcasing a little bit of the NSFW content from the R18+ version of the game in their tweet. They also showcase more of the uncensored CG images from the R18+ version of the game, which you can view over on the Nutaku store page.

Last but not least is the DRM-free release on the JastUSA store, where you can get the game for the 10% off discount just like the other storefronts.

Once again, this is the R18+ version of the game, so you’ll have access to the full, uncensored version of the game.

And take note that there are no mosaics, no black bars, no mysterious white lights, and no screen-cuts. It is the full-on hardcore version of the game.

Now originally NekoNyan attempted to release the all-ages, censored version of the game on Steam and then release the R18+ patch later, but Valve didn’t even want to entertain the idea of having the all-ages version on their storefront.

But hopefully NekoNyan can recoup its investment and still work on delivering the physical releases that they had originally planned for some games.

You can grab a copy of Hello, Goodbye right now from participating distributors.

(Thanks for the news tip Rich)

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