Anime Feminist Got So Verklempt Over The Rising Of The Shield Hero They Refused To Review It Properly
Rising Shield Hero

Apparently major anime review websites in the West seem to be operated by people who hate anime. It’s like how a lot of major gaming websites are operated by people who hate gamers. Nevertheless, some of these sites have been pumping out their first-impression reviews of the first episode of the first season of The Rising of the Shield Hero. One such site is Anime Feminist… well, sort of. You see, they didn’t actually review the first episode because they became so verklempt they were unable to review it properly.

The non-review was posted on Anime Feminist on January 7th, 2019. The first paragraph from author Caitlin Moore makes it clear that she was triggered the fact that the first episode touched on the dangers of a false rape accusation ruining the life of a completely innocent man. Thus, Moore had no intentions of approaching the content in good faith, writing…

“We will not be reviewing The Rising of the Shield Hero premiere here at Anime Feminist.


“I watched the episode, and it was worse than I had imagined. I have never seen a series with such a deeply held, misanthropic victim mentality.


”I contemplated how to approach the review. I thought about pretending to review it from an incel point-of-view, but that felt a little too close to the truth. I thought about writing with vitriol and rage, but that honestly felt pointless. Our readers know why a series hinging on a false rape accusation and slavery apologism is wrong; going into hysterics over it would only bring greater attention to it and give our detractors vindictive glee.


“The rest of the AniFem team felt the same, so we decided to do something different this time. We’ll never call for censorship or removal of media, but we can choose who and what we promote.”

They then proceed to list various organizations that help with human trafficking and rape survivors after taking an underhanded shot at Crunchyroll for co-producing the show. Yes, the exact same Crunchyroll that produced High Guardian Spice, which was reviled by anime fans as SJW propaganda.

As for Rising Shield Hero, the show itself delves into more than just the false rape charge, which sets the stage for the main character to undergo drastic character development, pushing him down a path that radically changes his attitude and outlook than when he first started his adventure. However, character development using a traumatic event — such as being falsely accused of rape — is something that Social Justice Warriors have recoiled at like vampires to the sun.

Still, the site dismissing the damage of fake rape allegations is, in itself, duplicitous.

Places like Anime Feminist seem to perpetuate the belief that modern day feminists are nothing more than misandrists. This is mostly because people like Moore would rather dismiss the truth and the harm of false rape allegations than admit that people like Mark Denny have lost three decades of their life behind bars after being falsely accused of rape, as reported by the New York Post.

There was also the case of Brian Banks losing out on a professional football contract because someone decided to ruin his life with a false rape allegation, as recounted by Owlcation.

Destroying someone’s life over a false claim is no laughing matter, but Anime Feminist seem to think it’s not worth discussing at all, which makes them far less feminists than it does anti-male chauvinists.

These kind of situations that Anime Feminist are overlooking and ignoring in favor of pushing the narrative that innocent men don’t deserve justice, nor to have their voices heard through the duress of a false rape allegation, is a poltroon way to embrace one’s inhumanity.

Perhaps, it’s a perfect encapsulation of what feminism is today: an inhumane movement aimed at punishing men even when they’re innocent.

In fact, sometimes it’s not even prison that’s the worst part about false rape allegations: it’s the vigilantes who think that they need to enact justice on behalf of scornful people who hold similar beliefs to the writers of Anime Feminist.

The Rising of the Shield Hero - Disgusting Filth

A perfect example of that is Moises Arias-Aranda, a 42-year-old man who had been falsely accused of raping a woman. But instead of facing his day in court in an attempt to plead his innocence, a certain Diego Olivas hatched a plan with the female accuser in order to exact vengeance on Moises.

Diego and the accuser managed to lure Moises to a house where he was beaten to a pulp, tortured, and then had his hands and legs bound. He was strung up in a noose and then stabbed 36 times in the back until he died from his wounds. Only, Moises never raped the woman, and he literally died for nothing, as reported by The Wichita Eagle.

It takes a certain level of malevolence and misanthropy to dismiss heinous acts of such a vile nature, and claiming that pointing out the damage of false rape allegations is “wrong”.

It highlights the cruelty of Social Justice Warriors; they aren’t humane, and their fight is carried out for anything but justice.

Nevertheless, the comment section is almost unanimously in favor of Moore’s decision to completely skip over actually reviewing the first episode of the anime.

It’s no surprise that someone from Anime News Network would be in the comment section praising someone for dismissing the harms of false rape accusations. In fact, some of the staff from Anime News Network gave Rising Shield Hero a 1.5 out of 5 stars simply because they didn’t like that the show broached the subject matter.

A few people attempted to fire back at the author, but the moderation staff were quick to silence any dissent. One person asked Moore why she’s against Rising Shield Hero even though the author is reportedly a female, and Moore retorted that “supporting women unconditionally is terrible feminism”.

Some checked Moore on not listening and believing that the author is female, because according to the law of the Intersectional Inquisition, you’re supposed to “listen and believe” women. However, Moore weaseled out of it by claiming that it could just be a pen name for a man, and that it doesn’t make the author a woman, but also that even if it were a she, it doesn’t make her right, but if they are a trans then it definitely makes it a “her” if that’s what they identify as.

Clearly the rules fluctuate based on where the pointed lance of moral outrage is aiming, rather than any sort of consistent basis for the principles of Progressivism. So even if a woman is struggling to get her work out there, she only deserves support if her ideals align with the orthodoxy of Leftists.

And in this case, since the author’s views don’t align with the typical Social Justice Warrior, it doesn’t matter if the original author is a woman or not, in the eyes of Anime Feminist she’s still an enemy to their cause, and for that, they refused to review the first episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero because virtue signaling their offense was far more important.

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