Banned Steam Games Maomao Discovery Team, Imolicious, Cross Love Arrive On JastUSA
Maomao Discovery Team

A lot of indie developers have decided to sell their wares elsewhere after being banned from release on Steam, following Valve’s silent change in content policies. This includes Maomao Discovery Team, Imolicious and Cross Love – Episode 1.

Operation Rainfall is reporting that the three games are currently available on JastUSA’s digital storefront.

It all gets started with Maomao Discovery Team, which was a pretty obvious hardcore loli RPG. The game mixes in turn-based battles, dungeon crawling, and some uncensored CG sequences involving a loli adventurer.

The game was banned back in November of 2018, and was one of the first of the games to get hit by Valve’s renewed vigor for wielding the ban hammer. Well, JastUSA picked the game up and you can currently purchase it from the JastUSA store for $9.99.

Top Hat Studios’ Cross Love – Episode 1, which is about Yuu, who ends up dressing up in his sister’s school girl clothes. He ends up getting involved in some hardcore trap sex after the boys begin lusting after him in the school girl uniform.

You can grab the trap game from over on the JastUSA store for $4.99.

The game is only two through four hours long, but if it does well enough Top Hat will release additional episodes of the game. It was originally banned back in December of 2018.

Imolicious was another game that got hit in a bad way by Valve, and the developers were put through a rather unfortunate wringing at the hands of the so-called “Rogue Employees”, where not only did the game get banned from Steam, but Yume Creations also temporarily had their Steam Partner account banned, too.

Valve later apologized and got the account sorted, but Imolicious stayed banned.

A few other outlets also refused to carry the game, including Mikandi, due to payment processors, and Nutaku, due to themes of suicide being included in the game, but later on Nutaku reversed their decision and allowed the game on their platform.

The mad boys at JastUSA don’t care about that stuff, and you can pick up a digital copy of Imolicious from the JastUSA store for just $3.99.

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