Bethesda Comes Under Fan Fire Again Due To New “Premium” Fallout 76 Jacket

Bethesda knows how to play its loyal fools like a fiddle, but not everyone is following blindly to all of the company’s schemes. Yes, Fallout 76 made headlines for all the wrong reasons, the Nuka Dark Rum caused quite the controversy, same as the canvas bag, and now the listed problems are followed by a new 2019 issue: the Vault 76 premium leather jacket.

If for some reason, you have $276 bucks to blow like a snow blower, then sad individuals will find Bethesda’s latest scam — the Vault 76 premium leather jacket — to be a viable option.

As of January 23rd, 2019, Bethesda posted up on the following information for the leather jacket in question:

  • Original custom neck label issued from the vault
  • Black leather 76 patch on front
  • Metallic gold 76 appliqué on the back
  • Asymmetrical back seam, metallic gold piecing, and bicep arm pads all inspired by the Vault Suit
  • Metallic gold hardware including a custom bolt zipper pull
  • Adjustable cuffs for the wrists
  • Lined in silky, shiny taffeta fabric
  • Comes packaged inside a Fallout 76 garment bag

Aside from explanations, Bethesda had the audacity to post up images on Twitter to show what buyers would receive if they dished out almost $300 bucks for a “premium” jacket.

Of course, and like clockworks, those who aren’t under the Todd Howard spell of wizard-work realized how much of a scam this new “deal” is and took to the Twitter posts to assess the situation with a side of humor:

The memes with a side of truth didn’t end there, though.

Although they don’t come in black, they do come in blue for 76,000 Atoms (Fallout 76 premium currency).

The good news is that a quality bag is available, too.

However, the meme game received a boost.

Some people even got spicy with the memes in an attempt to tell Bethesda the quality of the company.

With all jokes aside, another group of people pointed out how idiotic it is to sell “customers” a near $300 cheap jacket right after two game-related merchandise conundrums, which commenters pointed out how Bethesda is incapable of doing something decent under current management:

But the best part of all of this is that the replies and comments posted above are from a new post. That’s correct, Bethesda deleted the original post and reposted the announcement after receiving unpleasant tweets:

In other words, get ready for the end of this month and February to bring more Bethesda and Fallout 76 mess, cause I’m sure all of the following images are a sign of a “premium” future:

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