Breach, Free-to-Play Co-op Action-RPG Adds New Sniper Class

Breach Sniper Class

QC Games added a new character class to the action-RPG, Breach. The new class is a sniper, who manages to dual-wield two pistols to fight against the foes in the fast-paced action game.

A new trailer accompanied the roll out of the new character class, where we see that the main skill of the sniper is being able to utilize the “Snipe” skill, which allows the player to lock onto a single target and fire a deadly shot at them using the equipped weapon.

The sniper class also has access to a “Tactical Shot” skill, which wounds a targeted enemy and prevents them from utilizing any dodge skills or quick maneuvers, allowing you and your teammates to easily take them down. You can see what the skillsets look like in action with the trailer below.

There’s also a trap-skill called “Vortex Slug”, which will force enemies into the location where the slug was fired, which works like a small form of crowd control for the sniper class. It’s an interesting move for that kind of class, and oftentimes we see it utilized by mage classes or those with AOE skills.

There’s also a mine skill so you can retreat while laying down land mines to trip up or snare enemies who are chasing you down.

And finally, there’s a skill to completely empty both chambers on an enemy.

The free-to-play game isn’t entirely free, though (obviously). It has a rather steep pricing model, where in order to unlock everything you’ll have to pay upwards of $100. The starter packs are available for $24.99, though.

Keep in mind that the game is still in Early Access on Steam and they don’t have plans on exiting said Early Access until at least some time around the summer of 2019.

The biggest issue most people have with the new sniper class is that the class lacks an actual sniping rifle!

And while the game’s trailer for the sniper class is so very obviously pushing the “Diversity” agenda, in the actual game you can customize each of the character classes, and thankfully they do let you choose your character’s skin color. And no, it’s not like Battletech or Mass Effect: Andromeda where those games initially had it setup where you couldn’t make white characters.

You can learn more about Breach by hitting up the game’s Steam store page.

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