Catherine: Full Body Not Coming To PS Vita In The West, Will Be PS4 Exclusive
Catherine Full Body

Atlus has apparently made the decision not to release Catherine: Full Body on the PlayStation Vita in the West. The company updated the official website there’s no longer any mention of the PS Vita version for the Western release of Catherine: Full Body. The site does note that it’s still coming to the Americas and Europe, but it only has the PlayStation 4 logo as the available platforms that the game will release on.

Siliconera notes that Catherine: Full Body will still come to the PlayStation Vita… in Japan. So if you were interested in getting your hands on the game but you did not want to risk getting the PlayStation 4 version, which we still don’t know if it’s censored or not, you can still import the game from Japan for the PS Vita.

The website also displays the original Catherine on the opposite side of Catherine: Full Body. It depicts the Steam logo in the corner, signifying that it is currently available on PC over on the Steam store for $19.99.

Catherine Full Body Comparisons

So just to recap: The original Catherine: Classic is released on Steam for PC globally. Catherine: Full Body is being released in the East and the West on the PS4. Catherine: Full Body is only being released in the West for the PS4. Catherine: Full Body on the PlayStation Vita will only be available in Japan.

A lot of people are disappointed at this news because it means that if you wanted to support Atlus and purchase Catherine: Full Body in the West, your only option is literally the PS4, where it’s still unclear if the game is censored on Sony’s system. And as has been stated before, a lot of people do not want to support anime-game releases on the PS4 due to Sony’s censorship policy.

Essentially what Sony is trying to do is strong-arm gamers into accepting censored content on the PS4 or not having access to the content at all.

On the upside, at least Catherine  is available on Steam for PC, but as we all know it’s not like Valve is much better when it comes to censoring content on Steam and failing to properly inform the community or the developers with the reasons as to why they’re censoring certain games while leaving other games alone.

Anyway, you can look for Catherine: Full Body to release on the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan starting February 14th, 2019 next month. You can also purchase Catherine: Classic from Steam for PC right now.

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