Catherine Rated Mature By ESRB For PC
Catherine Full Body

Atlus’ Catherine came out a long time ago for the PS3 and Xbox 360 way back in 2011. The game about (in)fidelity became a niche cornerstone for Atlus, making it a new-age classic among a growing list of games that have become increasingly mundane. Well, news has surfaced courtesy of Siliconera that Catherine has been rated ‘M’ for Mature by the ESRB… for PC.

This fits in line with previous rumors that Catherine would be making its way to Steam on PC, which would be a nice way for Atlus to offer gamers the full version of the game with high-end visuals and a juxtaposition to Catherine: Full Body on the PS4, which many presume will be censored due to Sony’s censorship policies.

You can see the rating for yourself for the PC version of Catherine by visiting the ESRB website.

There’s also a post on BluesNews that points to a hint about Catherine appearing on Steam from the developers of Bayonetta, who made a news update on January 3rd, 2019 with a sheep that simply says “Baa!”.

Many suspect that this would mean that Atlus will have its first game featured on Steam.

If this is true then it’s still a long ways off from release on Steam because Atlus has no presence on the Steam database yet. If you check the SteamDB updates, there’s nothing from Atlas nor anything related to Catherine… not even an ID entrant (not yet anyway).

It’s possible that Atlus wanted to get the game rated for PC first, get everything ironed out on the backend, and then proceed to add all the necessary info thereafter.

I suppose for now we’ll just have to wait until Atlus makes the announcement official. Hopefully it contains all the content from the Full Body version, this way PlayStation 4 gamers will at least have a choice in playing the complete version of the game.


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