Chad Gets Perma-Banned From Games Done Quick After Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment
GDQ Harassment

[Update 1/12/2019:] Chad’s ex-fiance, Pika Rae, posted screencaps on Twitter claiming that Chad had originally setup Mari to get banned on behalf of Pika to win her back over.

Pika posted additional screen captures from their Snapchat discussion, where he explained to her why he invited Mari in the first place, and his intentions to get her banned on behalf of Pika.

It’s not explained exactly when they broke off their relationship, but they were engaged as recent as October 31st, 2018, just last year.

[Original article:] Chad “cdgexe”, a Legend of Zelda speedrunner, has been indefinitely banned from Games Done Quick events. This comes after he was reported by a Twitch streamer named Mari, following events where the two hooked up and slept together in a room.

Chad attempted to clear his name with tweets published on January 10th, 2019, indicating that both he and Mari had come to a mutual agreement about sleeping together in a hotel after he offered to pay for the plane ride to the event.

In the tweet chain he notes that he removed certain other private messages but shared enough of the correspondence between both him and Mari to prove that there was mutual agreement about sharing a room and a bed at the place where he was staying for the Games Done Quick event. You can check out the images below given that Chad has protected his tweets.

Chad’s main issue was that AGDC staff immediately banned him from the event without doing a proper or thorough investigation into the matter.

Some attempted to shame Chad for posting the tweet in the first place attempting to defend himself, as there’s a growing culture themed around “listen and believe”, and any man accused of wrongdoing by a woman is simply supposed to be punished for it without any questions asked, similar to what happened in the show The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Others were more sympathetic toward Chad, and felt that Games Done Quick should have done a better job vetting the information about harassment before banning him.

A few more began to argue about the “ongoing” role of consent and how he should have kept asking for her consent even after he received her consent to sleep and cuddle in the room together.

Chad responded by saying that they cuddled one night, there was “slight escalation”, and then they parted ways the next day.

The story goes that after parting ways following the incident, Chad kicked Mari out of the room, and that’s when Mari went to GDQ to report Chad’s behavior.

Mari hasn’t publicly discussed it on her Twitter but she did retweet the following comment.

So far Games Done Quick hasn’t made any mention of the incident on their main channel, and Dot Esports is reporting that they did reach out to the AGDQ staff but at the time of publishing their article did not receive any response from the organization.

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