Dark Alley Elf Sports A Free Uncensored Demo On Mikandi

Dark ALley Elf

Valve may be cracking down on lewd games on Steam, using an inconsistent barometer to measure what does and what does not get to make its way onto their storefront, but other digital distribution outlets are seemingly hoping to cash in on Valve’s frustrating lack of clarity when it comes to allowing adult content on the platform. One such distributor is Mikandi, who recently announced that they’ve acquired Projekt Wolfenstahl’s Dark Alley Elf.

The game was originally launched back in early October of 2018, but it was updated just recently in early January of 2019. This includes a free downloadable demo to play-test the game and get an idea of what the side-scroller is all about. You can actually download the free demo from the Mega.nz website.

The game itself is a mixture of H-game qualities with classic 2D side-scrolling platforming. The story centers around a dark elf named Francesca, who is a prostitute. She ends up getting into a heated contest with her “snobby” rival, and decides to take it to the streets in order to prove who is the premier slut within the vicinity.

Francesca sets about finding various clients to fulfill their needs in order to outdo her rival. However, fulfilling the job isn’t as easy as she thought, as there are a number of enemies in the way that she must dispatch of first.

The game sees players mixing lewd CG H-scenes with side-scrolling beat-’em-up action. Francesca will have a trusty lead pipe equipped, in which to beat the mess out of enemies trying to take advantage of her. She’ll also have to service clients across two different large-scale stages to outdor her arch rival.

The CG art is put together by Crescentia while the side-scrolling gameplay was constructed by Boxman. Francesca was even given voiceover lines by VoiceLikeCandy.

Unlike other H-games, though, the CG sequences aren’t just there for show, you can actually interact with them. There’s an included mini-game for the sequences to help give them a little bit of extra “oomph”.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game from the NSFW Mikandi store page for 500 gold points.

(Thanks for the news tip Animatic)