Fate/Grand Order VR Launches In The West On PSVR Feb 26th
Fate Grand order VR

While Sony may be cracking down on a variety of Japanese games with their PS4 censorship policy, some developers are still risking adding boob-jiggling, VR titles featuring waifus to the PlayStation 4 platform. Such mad developers include Type Moon and Delight Works Inc. Under the Aniplex label the studios are planning on releasing Fate/Grand Order VR for the PlayStation VR in the West starting February 26th.

The game is a VR exclusive, and as noted by Sankaku Complex it features two different scenarios. The first scenario involves Demi-Servent Mashu Kyrielight, who puts the player, known as Master, through a series of tests and mini-games involving everything from dancing to fighting, and a few things in between.

There’s plenty of fan-service to be had while interacting with Mashu, which you can check out below via the following tweet.

The second scenario involves King Arthur, who is actually a woman who pretended to be a man. You encounter her before she becomes king, when she was known as Altria Pendragon.

The scenario is about Altria being given some respite from combat by going on vacation with Master. She’s not used to vacations or spending time away from battle, so she has to accustom herself to the idyllic life for just a short while.

However, as luck would have it, the vacation with Master is cut short, and Altria is put back into battle after a mysterious force arrives on the island.

What I’m not sure about is what sort of changes (if any) had to be made to get this game released in the West. It originally made its debut back in Japan in late 2017, so they’ve had a year to localize the game to fit Western standards.

Obviously, someone will have to bite the bullet and play through the game to find out if any of the content has been changed or censored due to the new censorship regulations. We’ll likely find out once gamers get their hands on the PlayStation VR title come February 26th, 2019.


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