Fitness Boxing Gets Hit With Teen Rating For Featuring Boob Jiggle Physics
Fitness Boxing

The Nintendo Switch seems to be the platform of choice for retaining some sense of female attractiveness in gaming, as well as offering ample fan-service in plenty of its games. However, that may be coming back to bite Nintendo on the bottom as the ESRB has decided to somewhat penalize their latest fitness game, Fitness Boxing, for featuring boob physics for the instructors.

DualShockers took note of the description for the game over on the official ESRB website, where it describes why exactly Fitness Boxing got hit with the ‘T’ for Teen rating, stating…

“This is a fitness/boxing simulation game in which players can learn and perform boxing routines by following timed prompts along with an on-screen trainer. Gameplay is mostly solo/single player, consisting of cues for players to jab, uppercut, and dodge. When engaging in two-player mode, players control two small boxers as they punch and dodge in time to on-screen cues. All of the female characters have breast physics incorporated into their movements; their breasts frequently jiggle/bounce in a noticeable manner during stretching and boxing routines.

The bold was added for emphasis.

So the game’s mild boxing violence isn’t an issue, but the “suggestive themes” is what bumped up the rating.

Interestingly enough, DualShockers interviewed some of their own staff about the boob physics in Fitness Boxing, and most of the chicks didn’t seem to have a problem with it, noting that it seemed quite natural and realistic. One chick from the staff did criticize the inclusion of boob physics, writing…

“I’ll never understand why the female body has to be a sexual playground in games. I think it’s obnoxious–aren’t we fucking over jiggly tits already?”

No ma’am, we are not over jiggly tiddies. In fact, there are software developers wholly dedicating their time to evolving the fine art of soft-body tiddy physics.

Once men lose interest in the boobs, humanity is doomed.

Thankfully, Nintendo seems to be offering an ample supply of fan-service these days, and Fitness Boxing is one of them.

Strangely the overview trailer doesn’t include the boob jiggling mentioned in the ESRB rating.

Maybe it’s dependent on the outfit that a character is wearing?

Most of the comment section were more focused on the lack of the Wii Fitness Trainer, and were asking about DLC featuring the Wii Trainer.

If you have a Switch the Fitness Boxing game is available right now for the Nintendo Switch for $49.99 over on the Nintendo eShop or from local retailers.

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