GDC Session Will Tackle How To Encourage Diverse Teachers To Handle ‘Toxic Gamer Culture’

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The 2019 Game Developers Conference has made a radical shift in pushing for identity politics to pervade the gaming space. Over on the official Game Developers Conference website, there’s a session scheduled to take place during the educators summit between March 18th and March 22nd, 2019.

The title of the session is “What to Do When ‘Toxic Gamer Culture’ Enters the Classroom”.

The description reads…

“Recently, with the rise of what has been referred to as “toxic gamer culture,” discrimination and harassment have become important issues for video games. Unfortunately, this toxicity is increasingly finding its ways into the classroom. It is common for game educators, especially women educators, queer educators, and educators of color, to encounter resistance and even hostility from students who insist that discussions of diversity have no place in their education. This talk breaks the silence about this widespread but largely unacknowledged problem in game education today and provides attendees with actionable techniques for thriving in the face of problematic student behavior.”

Basically, this is an indoctrination technique to used as an ideological prophylactic against anyone who doesn’t automatically adhere to the Social Justice Warrior agenda.

As noted in the description, students who even dare question or speak up using facts against the current diversity agenda will be on the receiving end of “actionable techniques” (likely some form of reprimand) to force them into ideological alignment with the teacher or professor.

As pointed out in the brief session page…

“Attendees will learn about the challenges that many game educators face when teaching students who are skeptical, resistant, even hostile toward discussions of “diversity.” They will receive concrete, actionable suggestions for how to prepare for and respond to potential problematic student interactions in the classroom.”

The course is designed to help educators at the university level, so there’s still hope that kids in high school will be taught enough critical thinking skills to be able to counteract some of the propaganda that will be taught in the university classroom.

The so-called intended audience is for people who have and have not experienced “toxic” gamer culture, where they state…

“This talk is intended for attendees who teach video game courses at the university level. It is particularly relevant to instructors whose classes include discussions of social issues, as well as instructors who are themselves “diverse.” The talk also raises awareness among educators who have not experienced toxic behavior first-hand.”

We’ve seen a huge push for social engineering from the major influences within the tech and entertainment field, including a multi-million dollar initiative from Facebook to try to get hiring practices within the gaming industry to push for more gender quality.

This kind of social activism seems to be gaining in prevalence as more gamers become aware that the industry is actively trying to indoctrinate them.

That’s not to mention that the increase in sociopolitical “diversity” has only led to more games getting woke and going broke.

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