Gris Facebook Ad Was Banned Because A Naked Male SCUM Ad Was On Devolver’s Instagram Account
Scum nudity

Last week there were reports that a Gris ad had been banned from Facebook. The ad itself was just the launch trailer for the game, which was completely innocuous. However, it turns out that a reason for the ban was finally given.

Sankaku Complex picked up the story from a quote that a Facebook rep gave to Polygon. Polygon didn’t share the quote but did paraphrase the rep by writing…

“A Facebook spokesperson told Polygon that image in Devolver’s tweet is not what got the trailer rejected from the platform; instead, a link out from the video to Devolver Digital’s Instagram did not comply with the platform’s advertising policies, leading to the Gris ad’s rejection.


“Facebook’s ad policies differ from the company’s community standards, and offer less leeway. Adult content is prohibited if it includes sexually explicit imagery, but also if there’s “nudity or implied nudity,” “excessive visible skin or cleavage, even if not explicitly sexual in nature,” or a focus on “individual body parts, such as abs, buttocks, or chest, … even if not explicitly sexual in nature.””

The link to Devolver Digital’s Instagram account was in the trailer for the ad that they attempted to publish on Facebook, and at the time of attempting to publish the ad, Devolver’s Instagram account had an image of a naked male’s bottom from the Wild Hunter update for Devolver’s other game, SCUM.


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Originally Devolver claimed that the reason that the Facebook ad was rejected was due to an image within the trailer, and enough people got outraged over Facebook acting like puritans that there was a lot of hate directed toward Facebook.

This was the original tweet that was sent out that got all the ire pointed toward Zuckerberg’s social media platform like a native’s spear targeting the soft belly of a freshwater trout in a shallow spring.

However, the story takes a rather head-scratching turn because Facebook owns Instagram.

The company has effectively banned an ad from airing on Facebook because it contained a link to an off-site platform that they also own, which contained an image that they didn’t approve of, even though it was on a social media platform that they own!

That’s not to mention that banning an ad because of what’s featured on a completely different website is asinine.

Nevertheless, Facebook and other social media services have been ramping up the censorship and cracking down on all things sexy. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that even linking to a completely separate website that might have something the ideologues feel is “objectionable” (even when it was allowed on a website they own) is now seen seen as an offense.

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