Happy Death Day 2U Trailer Picks Right Back Up Where The Last Film Left Off
Happy Death Day 2U

Universal Pictures released a new trailer for the upcoming horror flick, Happy Death Day 2U, which is due to drop on Valentine’s Day.

The trailer is only a minute and a half long, and if you’re not already familiar with the Happy Death Day franchise, it probably won’t make a whole lot of sense to you, since it starts with the main character chick in handcuffs in a hospital where a cop is walking her through the halls. However, a happy-face mask killer pops out and kills the cop.

He then chases the chick up some steps and to the rooftop where she jumps off and dies after falling to the ground below. Except, it turns out it was all a dream and she has to relive the day over again; a recurring instance that plagued her in the first film.

The twist, however, is that this time around the killer is not only killing her, but also killing the people she knows. So now she’s in a race against time to stop the killer from killing her friends and from killing her. You can check out the trailer below.

They must have thrown this movie into production like directly after the first film came out, because it released at the end of 2017, which meant that they had to immediately start filming for the second film in early 2018 to have it ready for release in 2019.

Either way, the plot doesn’t actually progress anywhere from the first flick since it picks up from where the last film ended, and she still hasn’t been able to escape the dorm.

The big difference is that in the first film the main character was just trying to figure out what was going on and was constantly being killed by the happy-faced killer. You can check out the trailer for the original film, which is basically a complete recap of the film itself.

I’m shocked that this film managed to only escape with a PG-13 rating. I would have figured it would have nabbed something a little spicier, but I guess there’s no gore, no nudity, no sex, and the violence is more thematic than it is gruesome.

It’s an interesting concept and it seems like the second flick might a little more existentially aware than the first film, which could make for entertaining viewing if it moves at a quicker clip (i.e., less time spent on the discovery of the phenomenon and more time spent utilizing it to the character’s advantage).

Happy Death Day 2U is due out in February at a theater near you.


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