Heroes Ravage Pits Heroes Versus Villagers In Zelda Meets Rainbow Six Mash-Up
Heroes Ravage

Portuguese studio Pixel Dinos announced that the classically made, sprite-based, PvP action game, Heroes Ravage, will make its way to Kickstarter starting January 15th, 2019.

The isometric 4vs4 multiplayer game is described as being a mix of The Legend of Zelda meets Rainbow Six: Siege.

The objective is for one team of four to ransack as many houses as possible within a small village, while four villagers will need to take up arms to stop them. It’s a little bit like when players go rummaging through homes in RPGs, taking all the loot that they can find, only this time around the village proletarians aren’t taking the 16-bit thieving and stealing lying down, and they’re fighting back… with a vengeance.

The concept of this game is pretty darn hilarious.

You’re just traveling around, you want to get some loot, and all of a sudden a bunch of villagers start attacking you.

There are a few gifs over on the official website where you can see how the game plays out.

The mechanics are very similar to the SNES Legend of Zelda games, where you have your basic attacks and skills, and the object is to collect as many emeralds as possible by breaking pots, scouring through the houses, and picking apart the stores.

It might sound easy but there are traps all over the house, including electric floors, spikes, and explosives.

You’ll be able to collect some of the items and fend yourself off from attacks using grappling hooks, boomerangs, and swords.

There are also NPC monsters to contend with as well, as they’ll attack both villagers and the “heroes” there to raid the houses.

If there’s an actual story or some long-form gameplay loops involved (viz., such as heroes being able to go to dungeons and villagers being able to farm before the PvP starts) then I could see this becoming a sleeper hit in no time flat.

You can keep an eye on the official website for more info or look for the Kickstarter page to go live on January 15th.


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