Idea Factory Bringing Otomes To Switch; Compile Heart Will Reveal RPG Based On Current Trends
Otome Switch

Idea Factory International’s president Yoshiteru Sato recently revealed that they will be bringing their console-based otome games (basically dating sims and visual novels aimed at female gamers) to the Nintendo Switch. According to Sato, they will announce which games will be arriving on the Switch this June. In addition to this, Compile Heart president Norihisa Kochiwa also mentioned that they will be working on a new game based on the current trends of today.

The news comes courtesy of Famitsu Magazine, where the tidbits from Sato and Kochiwa were relayed via the Japanese blog Ryokutya2089.

There are a few notes on the blog about some upcoming projects, including some surprises that will supposedly be announced as part of the 25th anniversary of Compile Heart. However, the more interesting project is what was teased by Kochiwa-san. According to the blog, it states…

“Compile Heart president Kochiwa Norihisa said that ‘For the 25th anniversary, the new game being produced will surprise everyone.’ […]


‘Also, this spring a new game will be announced. [The game] will be a modern RPG based on today’s current trends’”

Now a lot of people joked about what that last line might be in reference to given that whenever gamers think of the current “global trends” being mentioned it always seems to relate to censorship, restrictions, the war on anime, the waifu holocaust, and generally everything about entertainment media getting worse due to political correctness and Social Justice Warriors.

Some of the users over on Gematsu joked that it will be a censored Battle Royale game about lootbox girls fighting for store exclusivity.

With Sony’s censorship policies in place and Valve selectively banning games for inconsistent reasons, it would be funny if Compile Heart decided to make an RPG where you had to go around and save the lewds from being censored and banned by overzealous Social Justice Warriors.

Then again, story like that might be a bit too on the nose. Something a little more subtle would probably go over a lot better with game journalists, who actually advocate for censorship and prefer for games catering toward actual gamers to be banned or prohibited from being released on the market.

We’ll see exactly what Compile Heart’s president has in mind when spring gets here and the new game receives a formal announcement.

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