Imolicious Sequel Cancelled Due To Original Game Being Banned From Steam

Yume Creations’ Imolicious was one of the many games banned during Valve’s recent wave of censorship towards anime and visual novel based games. The developer recently updated the community on what’s to become of the series after the original game was banned from Steam by Valve.

In a Tumblr post published on January 16th, 2019, where they roll out the plot for the sequel that will never come.

There’s a spoiler warning for the original Imolicious, as the developer talks about what the story would have been following the events of the first game, writing…

“In this post, I want to write about the planned Imolicious Successor which got canceled. Yes, before the ban on steam I actually planned a sequel to Imolicious but thanks to the ban it will never happen.


“ATTENTION! The following text contains heavy spoilers for Imolicious. If you haven’t seen the True Ending yet don’t continue to read here!


“The Sequel for Imolicious name is Anelicious. It takes place about one year after the True Ending where Wataru killed his Sister Kanako. It was not more than a rough idea.”

Imolicious was originally banned back in the middle of November.

The reason for the ban? Because it “exploited children”.

How did it exploit children? Well there wasn’t any actual explanation given by Valve, but there has been statements from some developers off the record mentioning that Valve now bans games that contain “child exploitation” and “school” settings. So even if the character ages aren’t explicitly mentioned, if the characters are in a school setting and it contains any kind of sexual content, ecchi content, or suggestive content, it will be banned from Steam, even despite the fact that Valve said that they would not be the “taste police” once the adult filters were put into place.

Yume Creations, however, decided to go ahead and give away the story for Anelicious, the sequel to Imolicious, as a way to let fans know what the sequel was going to be about. In the Tumblr post they explain how the taboo-style story would have concluded.

They figure it’s a safe bet to give away the story since they won’t have the funds to create the sequel anyway.

You can still purchase the original Imolicious from over on Fakku, though.

(Thanks for the news tip msoltyspl)


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