Jump Force Features Clothes Destruction, Even For The Lovely Ladies
Jump Force

Some new gameplay footage was streamed from the Bandai Namco PR crew, showcasing more of the game’s mechanics and features, and giving gamers a look at some of the special moves and quirks for some of the characters, including a feature you probably didn’t think was in the game: clothes destruction.

The feature was outlined in a 10 minute long demonstration featuring raw, uncut gameplay from the upcoming, team-based fighting game, Jump Force.

You can check out the feature below, and get a glimpse at Boa Hancock’s sexy ripped dress as she battles against the Naruto gang, courtesy of PS360HD2.

Early in the fight we see a custom character in the fight, but later on we see a few other characters joining in to get their licks in on the opponent.

It’s not until the 5:20 mark in the video above do we see Boa Hancock taking on Sanji, who is completely useless against her because he doesn’t hurt women. Yes, they’ve kept his lore proper to his character, and he can only send hearts at them, but he can’t grab them nor can he hurt them, since he’s too in love with women to fight them.

It’s rare that they keep a character’s lore consistent with their out-of-game iterations, but in this case they decided to keep it the same.

Jump Force - Boa Hancock

The real highlight is when Boa ends up taking on Boruto on the opposing team. Boruto has no qualms about smacking a woman around, and he does so with an unquenchable vigor.

After blasting Boa a few times and knocking the buxom beauty around the map, we eventually see some of her body being exposed through the ripped fabric of her sexy, form-fitting sequin dress.

It’s funny that a ‘Teen’ rated game like Jump Force managed to have more sexy-time with the clothing destruction than Dead or Alive 6. Over on the ESRB page it even briefly mentions the clothing destruction as a feature, stating…

”Some characters wear outfits that expose large amounts of cleavage; portions of female characters’ clothing may rip off during matches. Dialogue also references suggestive material (e.g., “Get a load of this package. You like what you see?”).”

Regardless of the game’s dark visual aesthetics and odd choice of 3D shading, at least the chicks are busty in a big way and they’re not afraid to shed a little clothing to give gamers some precious eye candy to devour.

Jump Force is due out in February for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Sorry, no Switch release this time around.

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