Katana ZERO Trailer Sports Time-Manipulation, Katanas And Motorcycles
Katana ZERO

Devolver Digital is known for publishing some unique indie titles. One of their upcoming games is the side-scrolling, hack-and-slash, hand-animated romp from Akiisoft called Katana ZERO.

The game oozes style, combining the synthwave movement with Japanese-influenced ninja action. What you end up with is Katana ZERO, the side-scrolling equivalent of Hotline Miami.

One hit and you die, so you’ll have to navigate through the levels using a sense of strategy and tactical awareness to overcome the baddies.

The game itself centers around a mysterious swordsman named Dragon, who has mastered a special ability; the ability to manipulate time. He can rewind time in case he dies, and he’ll be dying a lot. You can check out the trailer below.

The game plays out fast and furiously, like a mix between the original Ninja Gaiden meets Mark of the Ninja.

You’ll have to move quickly through the levels, cutting through enemies, dodging fire, and slicing through their projectiles or reflecting them back at the foes.

The game relies heavily on a stylistic presentation in order to switch up how the game is played. It reminds me a little bit of that Crazy 88 fight scene at the end of Kill Bill Vol. 1. Some of the sequences involve dodging the spotlights by staying in the shadows, which creates a cool silhouette look for the game. There are also a few other neat visual tricks used to give the game its own visual flair.

In addition to this, we see some sequences where you’re not just trouncing baddies through high-rises and back alley hotels, you’ll also race through the streets on a motorcycle, embracing your inner Kawasaki ninja.

The game also features traps, platforming segments, and an interwoven story that unfolds as you play.

It looks like the kind of game that gamers might enjoy if they wanted something like Mark of the Ninja, but with a more 16-bit panache slapped on top.

You can keep an eye on Katana ZERO by hitting up the game’s Steam store page. You can look for the game to launch in March of 2019.


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