Kunoichi Botan R18+ Patch Available For Steam Release
Kunoichi Botan

Some developers have become wise to Valve’s inconsistent enforcement of their adult filter policy. Some games have been banned from release on Steam even though they acknowledge that they have 18+ content and are only available for those over the age of 18. Valve has been prohibiting the release of certain adult games for nebulous reasons, so some developers got savvy and decided to go back to doing things the old fashioned way: release the vanilla version on Steam and then toss out an R18+ patch later. That’s what Enokippu did for Kunochi Botan.

The game is currently available on Steam as the all-ages version, but you can download the R18+ patch from the Kagura Games website.

There’s an installation guide provided by SteamUncensored, which details how to make the RPG uncensored. After you download the exe from the Kagura Games website, run the exe file and click next through the installation wizard.

Make sure the installation directory is set to: SteamApps/common/Kunoichi Botan/.

The installation directory should be located where your main Steam folder is.

Continue to proceed through the wizard until it patches the Kunoichi Botan files. When you exit the installer the game should be patched to the R18+ version. Boot it up and and play through the game to experience all the hardcore action the game has to offer.

Like most other adult-oriented H-games, there are plenty of opportunities for gamers to see some hot and heavy action after falling victim to enemies. The game is based around a hot kunoichi named Botan who journeys into the enemy fortress to rescue her captured master.

Unlike other RPG Maker games out there, the hook for Kunoichi Botan is that it’s as much an RPG as it is a stealth game. You’ll need to sneak around the fortress and take out the enemies from behind.

If you fail to execute enemies while unseen, you’ll engage in a turn-based battle. The more damage Botan takes the more likely you are to encounter some spicy scenes between the kunoichi and her aggressor.

You can pick up a digital copy of Kunoichi Botan from the Steam store for $14.99.


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