Magebuster: Amorous Augury R18+ Version Launches On Steam With Tentacles, Mind-Control

More of Valve’s hypocritical release policies are put to the test as Magebuster: Amorous Augury launches on the Steam store for $4.99 from developer Belgerum. The game is about an evil spirit who is summoned to be the servant of a haughty young mage girl. The two end up dueling to see who is the better wielder of magic, and if the evil spirit wins he takes advantage of her, but if she wins he becomes her sex servant.

The girl is obviously portrayed to be young, in her late teens maybe. However, Belgerum states that all the characters are over the age of 18. In the mature content description it outlines what’s in the R18+ version of the game, which launched on Steam uncensored. It reads…

“Magebuster: Amorous Augury features hardcore sexual content, including non-consensual sex, mind control, tentacles, and more. Player discretion is advised.”

It doesn’t take much to find out just how lewd the game actually is. A quick trip over to the screenshot section in the community page reveals plenty of uncensored images of the $4.99 visual novel RPG.

Magebuster - Busted

Even some of the reviewers noted that they weren’t entirely prepared for how lewd the game was. Russian gamer Мизантроп stated in their review…

“Magebuster: Amorous Augury was definitely fun to play! The developer stated: “This is an uncensored 18+ game with adult content, so be ready for sexy scenes. >=3”And I thought well, ok, I played enough after steam had allowed mature content. But oh my, I wasn’t mentally prepared to get THIS! Embrace yourself and be ready for some hot, lewd and really lustful scenes.


“This game is about a smug and haughty girl, a mage, who summons quite a powerful spirit. And he is truly gorgeous! Art is pretty, I do like how everything was portrayed. Though I don’t even know what screenshots to add for this review as the whole CG gallery is a collection of NSFW art. And I’m quite impressed by the variety of it!”

The thing is, when other developers attempt to launch adult games on Steam, even when characters look a lot older than the one in Magebuster – such as My Bullied Bride – Valve banned those games from release.

Other games of the ecchi variety that didn’t actually contain hardcore sexual content, like d20: Sweet Roll Club were banned, though, along with the original ecchi version of Moe Reversi.

Valve has been extremely inconsistent with their curation policies, allowing some games on the platform uncensored, while banning other games that are censored.

Some people have been trying to use the excuse that Valve is going after games with “young looking” characters, but obviously that isn’t true when games featuring underage school boys in hardcore gay sex, like A Hand In The Darkness, is allowed on Steam but the all-ages version of Hello, Goodbye or Victory Project are banned. And in this case, obviously Valve was okay with a game featuring a young looking mage girl, but obviously wasn’t okay with a young looking catgirl in the game Maomao Discovery Team.

Essentially, some adult games are allowed on Steam but others aren’t, proving that Valve is just further exercising their inconsistent policies as the “taste police“.


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